Campaign manager:  Gildas Andriamalala
Partner:  Blue Ventures

The Andavadoaka Coast runs along the southwestern coast of Madagascar and consists of over forty kilometers of coastline, which includes well-developed fringe reefs, barrier reefs and patch reefs. As a part of the third largest continuous coral reef system in the world, the Andavadoaka waters are teeming with marine life. More than 350 tropical fish species and more than 160 coral species have been found off the Andavadoaka Coast. And according to scientists, many more species remain undocumented; it is of critical importance to protect this rich marine environment. 

Pride campaign manager Gildas Andriamalala is working with local fishers and communities to eliminate the destructive practice of fish poisoning and the use of illegal nets that are threatening the health of the reef as well as the local fish population.  In a region where over 50% of the population is under the age of 18, protecting these reefs and the fish species that depend on them for food and protection is critical to ensuring the livelihoods and food security of these youth in the years to come.  

Gildas has produced banners and radio ads that are promoting his conservation message across many villages. But capture the attention and imaginations of fishers, youth and community leaders in the many small coastal fishing villages that rely on these waters for their livelihoods, he has taken the message to them by sea!  The campaign decorated and outfitted a sail boat that travels up and down this coastal region explaining the threats facing the local fish population and what fishers and communities can do about it.  Working directly with fishers and other stakeholders, he aims to raise consciousness about the threats posed to their livelihoods and culture caused by these practices.

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