Reciprocal Water Agreements for Watershed Protection

Visiting the farm of Don Filomon Delgado Toro, the Secretario de Medio Ambiente de la Ronda Central de Nueva Cajamarcas, in the buffer zone surrounding the main protected area of the Alto Mayo. This farm was typical of most in the region, cutting forest to grow mostly corn and coffee. Conservation efforts in the region will focus on helping them convert to more sustainable practices, including reforestation for shade grown coffee. (Photograph by Jason Houston)

By Keith Alger, Senior Vice President, Latin America, Rare Originally posted at National Geographic Newswatch What starts uphill runs downhill, and in countries with mountainous terrain like the high Andes this can mean pollutants from upstream running into drinking water supplies in … Continue reading

Q&A with Jason Scott: Private capital can help sustain fisheries

Fishers haul in their catch in Gili Matra, Indonesia.

Recently, Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Rockefeller Foundation supported a study conducted by EKO Asset Management Partners (EKO) in cooperation with Rare and Oceana on how to better finance sustainable fisheries solutions. Jason Scott, EKO managing partner and co-founder sat down with Rare’s Lisa Swann to talk about how these investments work. Continue reading

German Government Backs Innovative Fisheries Program

Fisher in Indonesia

A $4.7 million investment from the German government (BMUB) will help support Rare’s campaigns to create transformational change in near-shore fisheries and marine ecosystems around the world. Continue reading

Lead by Example: One fishery replenishment zone’s management sets the standard

The guardhouse that oversees the fishery replenishment zone in Bindoy serves as a hub for both enforcement and tourism.

To rally community support for sustainable fishing in Bindoy, Rare Fellow Richard Balauro is running a marketing campaign, in partnership with Rare. The slogan of his campaign is, “Our treasure, lets care for it.” Continue reading

Fish Forever: Belize (photo essay)

Yonardo Cus handlines from his small panga off the coast of Pinta Gorda, Belize. A full cooler of small snapper might be worth $100 for his day of work. photo: Jason Houston

In November 2013, photojournalist Jason Houston visited Belize to document the daily life of the fishers and the Fish Forever partnership’s work to expand managed access to all of Belize’s marine protected areas. Continue reading

Rare receives Orvis’s 2014 Customer Matching Grant to protect nature

Fisher in Belize. ​photo: Jason Houston

Orvis included Rare, and three others, in its 2014 Customer Matching Grant program. Throughout the year, Orvis will feature Rare in its catalogs, website and retail stores. Continue reading