Notes from a rare planet: When it comes to lobster tails and sustainability, size does matter

When it comes to lobster tails and sustainability, size does matter

  • Check out the Size Matter t-shirt for our campaign to protect the spiny lobster.
  • Friend’s of the Environment’s Rare Pride campaign will protect local lobster populations off the coast of Abaco Island by motivating local fishers to support and observe regulations of size limits and closed seasons in order to reduce illegal juvenile lobster fishing.

MIT: Simply dispatching natural gas plants before coal would cut U.S. power-sector CO2 emissions 10%

  • “Gas can be a bridge to low-carbon future if we put a price on CO2.”
  • Ernest J. Moniz, Director of the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), noted that the analysis determined that natural gas could serve as a bridge between coal and renewable energy: Much has been said about natural gas as a bridge to a low-carton future, with little underlying analysis to back up this contention.  The analysis in this study provides the confirmation — natural gas truly is a bridge to a low-carbon future. The study notes that the best way to spur this path forward is with a cap on carbon pollution.  It recommends that, “a CO2 price for all fuels without long-term subsidies or other preferential policy treatment is the most effective way to achieve this result.”

Great interview with Jane Goodall 50 years after she first embarked to study chimps

  • “During Goodall’s six-month sojourn in the Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve, now Gombe National Park, Goodall saw a chimp strip leaves off twigs to fashion tools for fishing termites from a nest. Until then, scientists thought that humans were the only creatures that created and used tools. This was just the first of many Goodall discoveries that have redefined the relationship between humans and other animals.”

Tons of rare Asian pangolins are seized. Will anything curb China’s insatiable appetite for rare wildlife?

Buffett revises Margaritaville lyrics in Gulf concert: “But I know, it’s all BP’s fault.”

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