Notes from a rare planet: Bushmeat hunting alters forest structure in Africa


Bushmeat hunting alters forest structure in Africa

  • “Bushmeat hunting impacts African rainforests by wiping-out large mammals and birds that are critical for dispersing certain tree species.”
  • “The study, published in Biotropica, found that heavy bushmeat hunting in the Central African Republic changes the structure of forest species by favoring small-seeded trees over large-seeded, leading to lower tree diversity of trees that have big seeds. “

One in three loggerhead turtles in the Adriatic Sea has plastic in its intestine (that’s not a good thing)

  • “One turtle had consumed 15 pieces of plastic, which almost filled its stomach. Although the plastic weighted just 0.71g in total, they said it was enough to ‘probably cause the death of this individual.’ Plastic can weaken the turtles by taking up space in the gut which would otherwise digest food.”

Released aquarium dolphin teaches its wild pals how to tail walk “just for fun.”

  • “The demonstration of culture in non human animals has important ramifications for conservation”, Bossley concludes. “The discovery of cultural behaviours in some species will require a whole new approach to conservation so that the cultures of specific communities become recognised as worthy of protection. “

Harry Potter die-hards threaten India’s owls

  • “”Following Harry Potter, there seems to be a strange fascination even among the urban middle classes for presenting their children with owls,” India’s Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh told the BBC at the launch of the report. Traditional practitioners in India, known locally as tantriks, also demand owl bones, feathers, claws and organs, as well as the bird’s blood and tears, for ceremonial rituals, the report said.”

Water Conservation: Showering Less is Great, But What About Diet?

  • “Water conservation, however, is also about diet. You can take fewer or shorter showers, but if there’s meat and dairy in your meals, it’s really counteracting those savings. Consider that one pound of beef can consume up to 5,000 gallons of water to produce. (Butter is about 2,044 gallons per pound, while tofu stands at 244.)”
  • “So, while effective water conservation relies on water-efficient fixtures and simple habits like showering less—which it turns out is not only eco-friendly but apparently in style—it also relies on smart dietary choices.”