Notes from rare planet: Coral ‘Network’ can protect Asia-Pacific fish stocks

Coral Reef

Coral ‘Network’ can protect Asia-Pac fish stocks (insciences)

  • “Research by Dr Johnathan Kool of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University, and his colleagues, has established that the richest marine region on Earth – the Coral Triangle between Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines – depends vitally for its diversity and resilience on coral and fish larvae swept in from the South China Sea and Solomon Islands.”

Old Massachusetts Landfill Will be Home to New England’s Largest Solar Array (Eco Geek)

  • “The landfill was capped 25 years ago and has been out of use since, but now the site will be home 24,000 solar panels capable of producing 5.6 MW of solar power.”

It’s Really, Really Unlikely that Climate Change is “Naturally Occurring” (Treehugger)

  • “Put very simply, the basic reason for this is that there is a large body of evidence that strongly supports the theory that man-made greenhouse gases are the culprit in warming the climate. But there’s no other coherent theory yet proposed that successfully explains all that evidence — indisputably rising temperatures, increased CO2 concentration in both the atmosphere and oceans, and so forth.”

Complaint lodged at the Forest Stewardship Council for plantations killing baboons (Mongabay)

  • “The African environmental group,GeaSphere, has lodged a complaint with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) for certifying tree plantations as sustainable that are culling baboons in South Africa, as first reported by FSC-Watch. The primates are trapped with bait and then shot. According to the complaint, “unofficial numbers from reliable sources state that more than 1000 baboons have been shot over the past 2 years” in Mpumalanga Province.”

Tour a Sea Turtle hospital (“>video)

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