Notes from a rare planet: Costa Rica marine reserve will protect 2.5 million acres, 30 endemic species


Costa Rica marine reserve will protected 2.5 million acres, home to 30 endemic species (Yale e360)

  • “The Costa Rican government has vastly expanded a marine protected area in the eastern tropical Pacific creating a 3,900-square-mile ocean reserve that is home to more than 30 endemic species.”

The AP has a great interactive graphic on the health of the Gulf and various species (Associated Press)

  • “Researchers say the Gulf health declined after the oil spill, but is recovering. In an informal survey for The Associated Press, they offered grades from zero to 100 on various aspects of the environment.”

If you view one map today, make it this one: Forest carbon map released for the US (Mongabay)

  • “The dataset represents a comprehensive assessment of forest structure and carbon stock within the lower 48 States at the beginning of the third millennium, providing an important baseline with which to improve our understanding of the United States forest resources and its link to the terrestrial carbon flux in North America.”

Scientists Brew ‘Green’ Dispersants in Gulf Spill’s Wake (The New York Times)

  • Surfactants are typically derived from oil, or trees known to bring about rainforest destruction. They, instead, could use farm waste from soybean fields.”

Incredible images through an electron microscope of scorpions, spiders and sharks (Wired Science)