Notes from a rare planet: 71% of Americans say the US “should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.”

Lower Falls, Yellowstone River

Pew: 71% of Americans say “This country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.” (Climate Progress)

  • 59% believe that “strongly.”

Indonesia and the European Union have finalized an agreement aimed at ending the trade in illegally-sourced wood (BBC News)

  • “The agreement will mean that EU companies will only be able to import timber that is certified as complying with Indonesian environmental laws.”
  • “The East Asian nation possesses some of the world’s most lavish forests, which in turn support spectacular wildlife. The EU has concluded similar deals with four African countries, and Liberia is expected to follow suit next week.”

An African Success: In Namibia, The People and Wildlife Coexist (Yale Environment 360)

  • “Shortly after gaining independence in 1990, Namibia turned ownership of its wildlife back to the people. By using a system of community-based management, this southern African nation has avoided the fate of most others on the continent and registered a sharp increase in its key wildlife populations.”

Belief and butchery: how lies and organized crime are pushing rhinos to extinction (Mongabay)

  • “Rhino horn is worth more than gold and cocaine on the black market. However, science proves all this cash and death is based on a lie.”
  • “‘There is no medicinal benefit to consuming rhino horn. It has been extensively analyzed in separate studies, by different institutions, and rhino horn was found to contain no medical properties whatsoever,’ says Rhishja Larson, creator and head of the organization Saving Rhinos and author of the blog, Rhino Horn is NOT Medicine.”

Toys R Us is building the largest solar rooftop. 37,000 solar panels! (TreeHugger)

  • “Constellation will use 37,000 solar panels from Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ENER) for the 5.38-megawatt project, Paramus, New Jersey-based Toys “R” Us said today in a statement. The system is expected to meet about 72 percent of the Flanders center’s power needs.”