Notes from a rare planet: Oceans need oxygen. Life needs oxygen. But a warming world means less oxygen in the oceans.

ocean view

A looking oxygen crisis and its impact on world’s oceans (Yale Environment 360)

  • Oceans need oxygen. Life needs oxygen. But a warming world means less oxygen in the oceans.

Rare lion tamarin monkey born in Durrell (BBC News)

  • “One of the world’s most endangered primates has been born at the headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The male baby black lion tamarin monkey is the first born outside of Brazil for eight years. The species of monkey is critically endangered in the wild, with fewer than 1,000 black lion tamarins remaining.”

Down to 50, conservationists fight to save Javan Rhino from extinction (Mongabay)

  • “Earlier this year, the International Rhino Foundation launched“Operation Javan Rhino” to prevent the extinction of the critically endangered Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus), formerly found in rain forests across Southeast Asia. Operation Javan Rhino is a multi-layered project which links field conservation, habitat restoration, and management efforts with the interests of local governments and communities.”

You’ve got to start somewhere: A climate prescription (The New York Times)

  • “The plan, “Promoting Clean Energy in the American Power Sector,” borrows from a range of policy proposals, including President Obama’s latest clean energy policy, the cap and trade plan that foundered in Congress last year, and state-level clean electricity mandates. The proposal sets goals based on emissions intensity — the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per unit of electricity generated — an idea pursued both by the Chinese government and by former President George W. Bush.”

Philippines government seeking compensation for coral reefs destroyed by cargo tanker (PhilStar)

  • “The government is seeking compensation of not less than P42 million ($0.97 million) from a Panama-registered cargo tanker that destroyed a coral reef area in the southern Philippine region of Mindanao, a senior government official said today.”