Notes from a rare planet: Norway creates Energy+ to promote clean energy in developing nations to combat climate change

Solar Panels

Norway wants to channel billions of dollars for renewable energy in developing nations to protect forests (Reuters)

  • “Energy+ is an initiative to promote access to energy and low-carbon development” in developing nations, according to an internal document from the Ministry of International Development obtained by Reuters.”

Liberia looks to save rainforests by barcoding trees (The Guardian)

  • “The European Union is Liberia’s largest market for timber. Starting in early 2013, the EU will require all companies importing timber to demonstrate that it has been legally harvested.”

On the edge of extinction, Philippine eagles being picked off one-by-one (Mongabay)

  • “‘The abuse and harm caused on Philippine eagles illustrate our reckless management of our natural resources,” Dennis Salvador, director of PEF, told The Philippine Star. “If the Philippine eagle, which is already perhaps the most prominent and recognizable of Philippine wildlife species, suffers a fate as grim as the above four eagles have experienced, how much more other species? What bigger injustices could possibly be happening to the rest of the Philippine environment?’”

Japan ‘plans solar panels for all new buildings’ (AFP)

  • “Japan is considering a plan that would make it compulsory for all new buildings and houses to come fitted with solar panels by 2030, a business daily said Sunday. The plan, expected to be unveiled at the upcoming G8 Summit in France, aims to show Japan’s resolve to encourage technological innovation and promote the wider use of renewable energy, the Nikkei daily said.”

Photos: the top ten new species discovered in 2010 (Mongabay)

  • “The biggest species from this year’s Top 10 New Species List is the six-foot long new monitor lizard, known as the, Sierra Madre Forest monitor, from the Philippine island of Luzon.”