Notes from a rare planet: Climate change may lower fruit and nut yields

Blossoming Apple Orchard

Will Climate Change Spoil Fruits and Nuts? (The Nature Conservancy)

Authorities launch stealth operation in Amazon after satellite images reveal deforestation (Mongabay)

  • “Illegal loggers managed to clear more than 400 hectares of Amazon rainforest in southeast Pará before authorities spotted the crime using Brazil’s satellite-based deforestation detection system.”

10 satellites launched to gauge the impacts of climate change (EcoFriend)

  • “With our climate taking a warm approach due to the rise in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, governments over the world are funding projects that includes the development of satellites that can closely monitor our planet from space to study the impacts of global warming on the climatic conditions of different areas of the world.”

Shipping firm pledges to disconnect itself from rainforest destruction (Monagabay)

  • “The Danish shipping giant Maersk pledged this week to stop purchasing containers with floors made from uncertified tropical hardwood. In an effort to reduce illegal logging and combat climate change, the company will be turning to recycled plastic, bamboo, and tropical wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for its flooring.”

Google’s Latest Data Center Is Cooled Entirely With Ocean Water ()

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