Notes from a rare planet: E-waste could cause cancer and other health issues


E-waste from computers, mobile phones, TVs, etc could cause cancer and other health aliments (ScienceBlog)

  • E-waste can cause inflammation and oxidative stress, which are precursors to cardiovascular disease, DNA damage and even cancer.

Global Warming Will Bring Violent Storms And Tornadoes, NASA Predict (ScienceDaily)

  • “NASA scientists have developed a new climate model that indicates that the most violent severe storms and tornadoes may become more common as Earth’s climate warms.”

Assassinations of environmentalists continue in Brazil’s Amazon, deforestation rises (Mongabay)

  • Three environmentalists were killed in a few days.
  • “Anticipation of amnesty for illegal deforestation under the new Forest Code is thought to be a contributing factor in a sharp rise in deforestation over land year.”

The true cost of saving rainforest and improving food security (Bioscience Technology)

  • “New research shows international plans to pay developing countries to reduce tropical forest destruction may increase rural poverty because critical income streams to rural people have been ignored.”

Amphibian-plague strikes frogs harder in pristine ecosystems (Mongabay)

  • “Frog populations worldwide are facing two apocalypses: habitat destruction and a lethal plague, known as chytridiomycosis. Over 30 percent of the world’s amphibians are currently threatened with extinction and it is thought at least 120 species have gone extinct in just the last 30 years.”