Notes from a rare planet: What’s wrong with environmental education?

Cambridge University

Green failure: What’s wrong with environmental education? (Yale Environment 360)

  • “But at its core, the authors contend, environmental responsibility is a broadly held, nonpartisan value, much like respect for the law.”

The ocean is acidifying (from CO2) more rapidly than at any other time in more than half a million years (Mongabay)

  • “As if being a major contributor to global warming wasn’t enough, the increasing amount of carbon dioxide produced through human activity is also acidifying our oceans – and doing so more rapidly than at any other time in more than half a million years. New projections show that at current rates of acidification, clownfish and many species of algae may be unable to survive by 2100.”

Emperor penguins rotate through giant huddle for warmth (Wired)

  • “Massive huddles of male Emperor penguins are crucial to keep them warm during Antarctica’s brutal winter while they incubate their eggs. These tightly packed penguins shuffle en mass every 30 to 60 seconds, reordering themselves so that every individual gets to cycle through the warm, central part of the huddle.”

The plastic recycling rate that jumped 50 percent (Earth 911)

  • Yogurt cups. Butter tubs. Five-gallon buckets. Disposable cups. While it might seem these items don’t have much in common, an American Chemistry Council report found that recycling of these types of non-bottle rigid plastics has risen by an astonishing rate: 47 percent in the past two years.”

Jared Diamond: Thoughts on managing change ()

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