Notes from a rare planet: San Francisco named most climate change ready city

San Francisco Skyline sunset

San Francisco names most climate change ready city (Triple Pundit)

  • This study looks at transit access, clean tech investment, number of green buildings, and more.

Some ecologists say it is time to end invasive species persecution (Wired)

  • “Davis is one of 18 ecologists to sign a June 9 Nature essay entitled, “Don’t judge species on their origins.” They argue that while some non-natives are indeed destructive, such as Guam’s brown tree snakes and Great Lakes zebra mussels, they’re the exception. Most are actually benign, relegated to a lower-class status that reflects prejudice rather than solid science, write the authors. Non-natives are assumed to be undesirable, and their benefits go ignored and unstudied.”

Indonesian president urges other countries not to buy illegally logged wood from Indonesia (Mongabay)

  • “Other countries should stop fencing illegally felled timber. That’s the kind of deal that we need to work on. That’s why it’s only fair if the world contributes [financially] to helping forest countries that want to preserve their resources.”

Indonesia’s anti-mafia unit seeks to reopen $115 billion illegal logging case (Mongabay)

  • “The investigation, which looked into logging by 14 pulp and paper companies in off-limits areas in the Riau province, was abruptly terminated in late 2008 after political pressure and the transfer of the lead investigator to a new post, according to an in-depth exposé published last month in the Jakarta Globe. As a result, the allegations against pulp and paper companies, which are associated with Asia Pulp & Paper and Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper, a subsidiary of Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings (APRIL), “never had a chance to be proven in court.”"

Google Earth, Columbia University reveal world’s most comprehensive seafloor map (TreeHugger)

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