Notes from a rare planet: Big Apple going green with white roofs

The Big Apple is going green with white roofs (Discovery News)

  • White roofs reflect the sun, while black roofs absorb the sun’s rays, making buildings hotter and raising cooling costs.
  • It’s a simple change that can make the roofs up to 25 percent more efficient.

Scientists discover new monkey species in Amazon (World Wildlife Fund)

  • “The monkey belonging to the Callicebus genus was found in the northwest of Mato Grosso State and is one of the great results from the studies undertaken during an expedition in December 2010 to the Guariba-Roosevelt Extractive Reserve.”

Do you know a young conservation hero? Have them apply for the Future for Nature Award (Future for Nature Foundation

  • “The candidate has achieved substantial and long term benefit to the conservation status of one or more animal and/or plant species or that of a specific population of one or more animal and/or plant species.”

Indonesia invites the public to give input on REDD+ national strategy draft (Forests blog)

  • “REDD+ is a key instrument to help Indonesia achieve its commitment to reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 26% from business-as-usual levels by 2020 as the most of the country’s emissions come from forestry and land use change. The public consultation process illustrates the government’s efforts to form policies transparently and by involving all stakeholders.”

This is what Hurricane Irene looks like from space

Photo courtesy of Ron Garan/NASA.