Notes from a rare planet: A glimpse of the first solar-powered town ever in the UK

A glimpse of the first solar-powered town ever in the UK! The future is all about clean energy (TreeHugger)        

  • “The 250kW is located at a holiday park in Chapel Amble…with Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network’s website listing insulation and energy efficiency improvements at the town hall and the launch of Britian’s first solar powered laundrette”

For sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico, life is tough when they face bycatch problems and oil spills (Conservation Int’l)

  • Though a sea turtle’s life already consists of avoiding human traps like fishing gear, plastic debris and beach activities; there is now one more on the list. “CI , along with partners at Duke University, just published a study of sea turtle bycatch in all U.S. fisheries during the past two decades [and found that] 98% of all turtle bycatch- and 80% of all turtle deaths due to bycatch-occurred in shrimp trawls, mostly in the Gulf.”
  • “There is a solution in the form of turtle excluder devices, trapdoors installed in trawl nets that let big animals like turtles escape…and are nearly 100% effective in purging”

Fish biologists stress the need to find new ways to manage Chinook salmon so they are not doomed at the end of century  (Discovery)

  • “The study also offered hope for the fish is managers take meaures to help the fish. By leaving water in the creek instead of diverting it to a nearby hydropower plant, for example, Butte Creek’s pools could remain deeper and cooler. That, the model showed, would buy the fish at least another decade of survival.”

ARESCOM and ROTC students were recently in the Phillipines not only giving blood but planting mangroves reforestation (Phillipine Info. Agency)

  • In a two day process, “more than 30,000 mangrove saplings were planted in the coastal areas of Bgy Tagpait, Aborlan in the tree-planting activity conducted by the 408th Palawan Community Defense Center (PCDC) on September 2-3, in coordination with the Western Phillipines University (WPU) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).”

Solution to fight drought and improve soil sustainability: more trees and perennial crops (TreeHugger)

  • Faidherbia is a nitrogen-fixing acacia that improves the soil while providing good shade for poor farmers’ young maize seedlings early in their growth when they need it most…but the tree sheds its leaves in the rain season, which means that maize crops grown with Faidherbia get the mazimum sunlight when they mature-just when they need”