Notes from a rare planet: Will jellyfish inherit the Earth or at least the oceans? (let’s hope not)


Will jellyfish inherit the Earth, or at least the oceans? (let’s hope not) (MSNBC)

  • “A study released Thursday found that the spineless creatures are becoming the dominant predator in areas where fish species are being reduced by overfishing and habitat destruction. It’s not just that reduced competition is giving the jellyfish more room. The jellyfish themselves are evolving into bigger specimens by increasing the water content in their gels, the study concluded.”

“Communities on some islands in the Maldives have been forced to relocate because of rising sea levels” (The Telegraph)

  • Climate change will increase migration in Asia.
  • “Maldives would be among the earliest victims of rising seas as glaciers melt due to global warming, and its officials have become vocal advocates of climate change policy.”

Cleared tropical forests never fully regenerate (Radio Australia)

  • A study/interview stating that no matter the disturbance amount or time period, forests are never the same once they are disturbed.

4,600 sea turtles killed yearly by fishing (Conservation International)

  • “This study showed that up to 98% of all turtle bycatch — and 80% of all turtle deaths due to bycatch — occurred in shrimp trawls, mostly in the Gulf.”
  • “Fortunately, there is a solution. Turtle Excluder Devices, or TEDs, are trapdoors installed in trawl nets that let big animals like turtles escape. Little animals, like shrimp, go to the back of the net. When installed and used properly, these devices are nearly 100% effective in purging turtles from trawls.”
  • Solution Search has $20k on the line if you can help sustainable fishing.

Save India’s coasts: For miles on end the waters of the Tamil Nadu coast are blood red from pollution