Slideshow: A Rare Approach to Water Conservation in Peru

World-renowned photographer Jason Houston visited one of Rare’s campaign sites in Nueva Cajamarca, Peru on World Water Day. The project is one of 12 in Latin America creating innovative agreements for watershed protection.

The World Water Day parade and event in Nueva Cajamarca launched Rare Fellow Rina Gamarra’s Pride campaign —Rare’s signature program that engages the community to build pride around unique natural assets through marketing. A packed day of events introduced the community to the campaign’s slogan, mascot and messages. Photographer Jason Houston documented the campaign activities in Nueva Cajamarca and a visit to the upland ecosystem the campaign is trying to protect.

Gamarra’s Pride campaign highlights water use awareness and community participation in innovative agreements between upland farmers and downstream water users along the Rio Yuracyacu, an Amazon river tributary in the Alto Mayo.

All Photos by Jason Houston. Click image to see full photo and caption.


Click here to watch a video of the World Water Day parade in Nueva Cajamarca, Peru: