Op-ed by Rare in the New York Times: How to Catch Fish and Save Fisheries

The journal Science recently published the first comprehensive analysis of more than 10,000 fisheries — roughly 80 percent of our global fish catch. The conclusion: fish populations worldwide are swiftly declining. This global analysis paints a stark new picture of a global ocean fished to exhaustion in an increasingly hungry world.

So, why are we hopeful? It’s because the analysis of global fisheries has a silver lining. We have not reached a point of no return. We have time. Solutions exist. Continue reading

Report: Many U.S. fisheries are overfished and face the risk of collapse

It should come as no surprise that worldwide marine ecosystems are in trouble. But what may be surprising, is how close these troubles are to home. America’s fish stocks are in poor shape, with 54 stocks classified as overfished, 45 … Continue reading