Op-ed by Rare in the New York Times: How to Catch Fish and Save Fisheries

The journal Science recently published the first comprehensive analysis of more than 10,000 fisheries — roughly 80 percent of our global fish catch. The conclusion: fish populations worldwide are swiftly declining. This global analysis paints a stark new picture of a global ocean fished to exhaustion in an increasingly hungry world.

So, why are we hopeful? It’s because the analysis of global fisheries has a silver lining. We have not reached a point of no return. We have time. Solutions exist. Continue reading

Audio: Rare & Environmental Defense Fund – Joining Forces for Fishers

Chocolate Clam

Listen to a recent podcast with Martha Piper, Rare’s senior vice president of strategy and growth and Amanda Leland, vice president of oceans at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). They discuss a promising solution called Fish Forever. Fish Forever is a global initiative to restore near-shore fisheries in the developing tropics. Continue reading