Help Rare through play with Club Penguin

club penguin 2014

Rare is excited to announce that for the sixth consecutive year, Disney has selected Rare to benefit from its Club Penguin Coins for Change program. Club Penguin’s donation will support a select few charities through players unlocking projects by donating their virtual coins.

Celebrating a Rare Year


What first made you believe in Rare? In my nearly 20 years at this organization, talking with you and countless others around the world, the answer is almost always the same: Rare realizes that conservation is about people.

Big Change Starts Small


As I have learned from Rare many times, big change often starts small. Let me tell you a quick story about one of Rare’s Fellows, Maritza Tovar. She grew up drinking water from the Andes in Peru, and as a student she became a volunteer park guard thus beginning her career in conservation.

Solution Search Launches Contest


On the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Solution Search launched its third contest, “Reducing our Risk: Innovation for Disaster Preparation.” This project is an unprecedented effort to identify and celebrate the many ways Americans are working to redu

Fishery Friendship Forged


During the June Committee on Fisheries (COFI) meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNFAO), governments met in Rome to adopt new guidelines for securing small-scale fisheries.

Rare Revelry


“It was surreal,” says Gerald Miles, Rare’s vice president of global development. “The production value was amazing.” On August 13, Miles attended a commencement ceremony that belied the usual stuffy, inspirational speeches delivered against backdrops of ivy-covered red brick buildings.

Rare has a new website


The site has been a big undertaking for Rare with every team contributing in some way. We are really proud of the result. Here are just some of the highlights: