Punta Allen’s TURF Tale

A Punta Allen fisher with his spiny lobster catch in the waters of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

In a pocket of Ascension Bay’s teal expanse, a local fisher treads water at the surface with a small net in hand.

Global Fishackathon 2015


This month, Rare’s dedicated fisheries nerds discovered ways to improve fisheries monitoring in brand new terrain: the grueling, inspiring, and caffeine-fueled world of competitive hacking.

Solutions Found

Solution search finalists

When a record-breaking 2008 flood ravaged the Ottawa, Illinois Central School, inflicting irreversible damage on the structure and leaving more than 400 students without a school building, Michael Sutfin was still finding his footing as the City o

Out of Touch

out of touch

I recently had the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Game-Changing Mascots

Game-Changing Mascots   Rare’s Meloy the Panther Grouper Meets Tampa Bay Rays’ Raymond  in an Earth Day Game that Truly is a Change-Up

The Tampa Bay Rays’ Mascot, Raymond has a new best friend visiting for Earth Day - Meloy, Jr, a panther grouper who is the Chief FINspiration Officer at Rare, a global conservation organization that uses social marketing to help both

Celebrate What Works

Celebrate what works

Two of Rare’s core competencies — working with partners and focusing on solutions — have recently taken root in somewhat unexpected soil. Over the past fe

Citizens for Water Conservation

Citizens for Water Conservation

In 2010, Rare partnered with 11 organizations across Latin America to help communities protect critical watersheds. The success of those projects catalyzed another suite of projects one of which was in Colombia’s Los Angeles sub-watershed in Valle del Cauca.