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Citizens for Water Conservation

Rare partners with a Colombian water authority to protect its watershed

In 2010, Rare partnered with 11 organizations across Latin America to help communities protect critical watersheds. The success of those projects catalyzed another suite of projects one of which was in Colombia’s Los Angeles sub-watershed in Valle del Cauca. Rare’s partner there was the regional water authority, Corporación Autonoma Regional del Valle del Cauca (CVC).  Read more >

Celebrate What Works

A shifting focus in conservation highlights solutions

Two of Rare’s core competencies — working with partners and focusing on solutions — have recently taken root in somewhat unexpected soil. Over the past few years, Rare has co-hosted and facilitated conversations around what works in conservation at various international gatherings. These conventions typically suffer from the reputation of being hopeless discussions of pending environmental catastrophe combined with a lack of governmental commitments to reverse trends.  Read more >

You Better Belize It!

A nation promotes sustainable fishing for, and with, local fishers

On the bottom of a small fishing boat a surprise guest lay flat as two fishers rowed toward the dock of a small fishing village, Copper Bank, in northern Belize. Schoolchildren sprinted to meet the celebrity visitor and squealed with delight when a lobster mascot emerged from the boat waving his giant felt legs. (Caribbean lobsters don’t have claws.) Between November 30 and December 5, the Belize Fisheries Department introduced fishers and fishing communities to the lobster mascot and its related nationwide marketing campaign to promote sustainable fishing across Belize.  Read more >

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    Rare Fellow Wida Sulistyaningrum never imagined she could change the fate of coastal Indonesian fishing villages. She and her colleagues at Conservation International had been working for years to help communities embrace sustainable fishing behaviors. Rare partnered with CI and helped Wida approach the community in a new way.
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