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Below are a selection of publications and resources detailing Rare's work with local communities around the world (as PDFs).

For a selection of scientific publications to which Rare staff have contributed, visit our papers page.

Annual Reports

Rare Annual Reports

Rare Annual Report 2016

Rare Annual Report 2015

Rare Annual Report 2014

Rare's annual reports include collections of success stories from the past year, which point to a better future for the natural world.


About Rare

Rare inspires change so people and nature thrive
Our rare behavior adoption method ignites conservation movement that endures.

Community Campaigns

Conservation on a Human Scale
Rare partners with local conservation leaders to implement our signature Pride campaigns which inspire people to take pride in the species and habitats that make their communities unique.
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Local Leaders

Meet the Rare Fellows
Learn about the local leaders who inspire change where it matters most.

The Science Behind Mascot Usage

The Link Betweeen Pride and Behavior
Rare's signature Pride program is based on clear scientific principles. This document explains how and why Pride works to change behaviors so people and nature thrive. It is based on over 25 years of experience with more than 250 Pride campaigns in 56 countries.

Theory of Behavior Change

For Community-Based Conservation
Rare’s Theory of Change, based on years of social marketing research, helps you understand how to change people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviors to reduce threats and reach a conservation result that benefits people and nature. This booklet will help you create a Theory of Change for your own conservation project.

Current Programs

Sustainable Fishing

Coastal fisheries

Global demand for fish has pushed the oceans to their limits. We believe that the adoption of rights-based fishery management systems will help turnaround the oceanic crisis, resulting in transformative impact for both people and nature. Our innovative coastal fisheries resource management solution marries managed access of fisheries with marine reserves. We envision a future in which 100% of coastal fisheries are sustainably managed. And, we are committed to working toward this ambition until it becomes reality.

Watershed Protection

Clean fresh water

Water is essential to all life. To address critical water supply issues, we inspire both local and national support for increased reciprocity in watershed management, by bringing upstream and downstream communities together to collaboratively conserve their water supply and cloud forests. To accelerate adoption, we leverage our proven community mobilization expertise and form private sector partnerships that strengthen the economic and financial incentives for behavior change. And, it’s working.


Organic Farming

China is home to more than 200 million small-scale farmers, whose conventional agriculture practices waste water and utilize harmful chemicals, threatening the country’s crucial ecosystems. We are training Chinese farmers to cultivate a variety of organic crops, and connecting them to new economic opportunities, simultaneously securing their livelihoods and safeguarding the environment.

Campaigning for Conservation

Best-in-Class Training

Campaigning for Conservation is a 10-day hands-on training that is designed for full time field-based outreach staff and is conducted at a designated protected area. The training provides field-based staff the tools and techniques to build understanding and support for needed conservation in their constituencies. 

Center for Behavior & the Environment

Solving conservation challenges through the science of human behavior

Through partnerships with leading academic and research institutions, we are translating the science of human behavior into practical solutions for conservationists worldwide.


Pride for ARAs

A Guide to Reciprocal Water Agreements  for People and Nature
The goal of this guide is to systematize Rare's watershed protection program's methodology, which combines Pride campaigns and reciprocal water agreements (know in Spanish as arreglos reciprocos por agua or ARAs). The guide is based on Rare's extensive experience implementing the program across Latin America.

Watershed Protection

Rare's participatory, climate smart solution:

a social approach to water resource management

Watershed Protection Results

Water for Life
Results from Rare's first program on watershed protection in Latin America.
Download Spanish version (PDF)

Sustainable Coastal Fishing

The Rising Tide of Community-Led Conservation
Rare's program to strengthen coastal fishery management in the Coral Triangle.

Wetland Preservation

Sharing Wetlands
Rare's program to conserve China's wetlands and fishers' livelihoods.
Download Chinese version (PDF)

Loretanos for a Sea Full of Life

Inspiring Sustainable Fishing in Loreto
The story of Rare's campaign in Loreto Bay, Mexico.

Size Matters for the Spiny Lobster

Leave Juvenile Lobsters in the Sea
The story of Rare's popular "Size Matters" campaign in the Bahamas.

Saving Tigers in Hunchun

Reducing Illegal Poaching
The story of Rare's campaign for tiger conservation in Hunchun, China.

Protecting the Winter Habitat of the Famed Red Knot

Protecting Remarkable Shorebirds
Learn more about three campaigns in Argentina that helped preserve red knot habitat.

Download Spanish version (PDF)

Asia Pacific fact sheet

Scaling Innovative, Community-Based Coastal Biodiversity Protection Projects in Indonesia, Philippines and the Pacific

In 2014, Rare, with the support of the International Climate Initiative (IKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), launched a project designed to scale innovative, community-based conservation of coastal and nearshore marine biodiversity in the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Pacific.