Andavadoaka, Madagascar - Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries

Andavadoaka, Madagascar

start date: 2009
Throughout Africa’s coastal waters local fishers face declining fish stocks due to pressures from overfishing. Rare and its partners promote and facilitate the adoption of sustainable fishing solutions that benefit local livelihoods as well as coastal ecosystems.

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Gildas Andriamalala
I am changing the way people fish in Andavadoaka."
Gildas Andriamalala, Rare Fellow
I am mentoring Gildas Andriamalala to run a Pride campaign, Rare's signature program that inspires change so people and nature thrive."
Brooke Sadowsky, program manager
Brooke Sadowsky

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Rare trains Fellows to inspire communities to adopt change through a Pride campaign. Fellows canvas their communities to determine what barriers to sustainable behaviors exist and create pathways to change. Fellows collect information throughout their campaign and adapt their plans based on constant data analysis. Learn more about Pride campaigns
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