Azogues, Ecuador - Watershed Protection

Watershed Protection

Azogues, Ecuador

start date: 2012
Rare and its partners in South America work with local communities to sign and implement innovative agreements for cloud forest and alpine grassland protection, critical to sustaining regional freshwater sources. Rare’s signature Pride campaigns build community support for the agreements.

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María Isabel Quintuña
I am changing the way people manage land in Azogues."
María Isabel Quintuña, Rare Fellow
I am mentoring María Isabel Quintuña to run a Pride campaign, Rare's signature program that inspires change so people and nature thrive."
Alan Hesse, program manager
Alan Hesse

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Rare trains Fellows to inspire communities to adopt change through a Pride campaign. Fellows canvas their communities to determine what barriers to sustainable behaviors exist and create pathways to change. Fellows collect information throughout their campaign and adapt their plans based on constant data analysis. Learn more about Pride campaigns
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