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The 6th Kosrae Games BOOST UP the Utwe pride campaign

Thousands of spectators gathered around the Tofol field to witness the 6th Kosrae track and field events on November 11th 2013. Utwe pride campaign was so honored and grateful for this opportunity to create the community buzz to increase the level of knowledge of the people of Kosrae about the Utwe biosphere Reserve marine protected area. Having said this, Utwe pride campaign would like to express its deepest appreciation to the Kosrae State Sport Council, athletes, and people of Utwe and all who have participated during the game. Without the supports, Utwe pride campaign would not able to accomplish its goal of the day, which was to promote a respected MPA at the Utwe biosphere reserve.   

Community Awareness Orientations

The KCSO RARE pride campaign team continued its community awareness orientations on September 13th 2013, targeting the Gateway and N-ONE hamlets. Again, the purposes of the orientation were to increase the level of knowledge within the community about the importance of the MPA; increase the knowledge about the MPA boundaries and to gain support from the community to respect the MPA rules and regulations.

Distribution of promotional hand fans at Utwe church

Utwe pride campaign is with deepest gratitude for endless support from the Island Apparel. On September 6th 2013, Mr. Edward Calvo, owner of Island Apparel arrived on Kosrae with 1000 promotional hand fans. The Utwe pride campaign logo and the main conservation message were printed on each fan. As planned out under the social marketing activities, the purpose of the fans was to give away to the general public of Utwe municipality during the liberation week. Having said this, the campaign manager and partners gave away over 400 fans to the people who attended church on Sunday, September 8th 2013. The pride campaign would also like to thank the Utwe church leaders for their support of the campaign.

Center point awareness visit

Community awareness orientations are among the activities under the social marketing of the Utwe pride campaign. The purposes of these orientations were to increase the level of knowledge within the community about the importance of the MPA; increase the knowledge about the MPA boundaries and to gain support from the community to respect the MPA rules and regulations. On August 30th 2013, the campaign manager and the project team conducted an awareness orientation targeting the Center Point, one of the hamlets in Utwe municipality. After three presentations carried out by the project team, a 30 minute was set out for general discussions and questions. Most of the discussions and comments from the participants were very supportive for the campaign. Moreover, they expressed their desire for continuation of this awareness program.

Mangrove crab was chosen to be the mascot

Based on the sociological survey conducted during the research phase of the campaign, mangrove crab was chosen to be the mascot of the Utwe pride campaign. In addition, duirng the key influncer meeting and group discussions, most of the people agreed that the mascot should be a mangrove crab since it is on the community flag. After the production in Saipan, it was brought back to the community for show case and everyone in the meeting was very excited and expressed their final support of it. Moreover, it was with great joy to see my seven months old daughter to be the first to wear the mascot. 

Final campaign logo

It was very time consuming and wasn’t easy to create a campaign logo. However, Utwe Pride campaign logo has been approved by the community leaders and partners on July 12th 2013. The designing of the logo was based on the community flag for its color, the stars and the mangrove crab on it.

Launching of the Utwe Biosphere Reserve social marketing

The campaign manager is very honored and grateful for the continued support of the Utwe mayor and the leadership to allow the social marketing campaign as part of their July celebration. The launching took place on July 19th 2013 where the banner was carried around the street to increase the community level of awareness toward the Utwe Biosphere Reserve.

Pretesting of campaign materials with Utwe community leaders

On July 12th 2013, CM met with the Utwe mayor and members of the Utwe Biosphere Reserve Board. The main purpose of the meeting were to present the KAP results; to present the first wave (July-September) of the social marketing  work plan; to pretest the campaign materials to be used throughout the first wave and to discuss the barrier removal activities of the campaign.

KAP update

The KAP survey was successfully completed on November 9th 2012. Despite weather conditions and distance walk in the mountain, the enumerators completed the three hundred surveys as anticipated. Thank you all enumerators for your dedications and hard work. Around five o’clock in the afternoon of November 9th, we reconvened at our meeting center with the presence of Tadao Waguk, the chairman of the Utwe management committee. Together we reviewed thoroughly on all collected data. All in all we felt confident and ready for data entry.

Day 2 of KAP surveys

Today is November 6th 2012, the second day of the KAP surveys. We started late this morning due to heavy rain fall. While we were waiting for the rain, we discussed yesterday's surveys and all were very confident of what they have gathered. According to them,there were no challenges arised while conducting the surveys, but every interviewee was cooperative. The survey today was very exciting especially while we were in the bush, walked up and down the hills trying to locate all houses in the mountain. The day was completed successfully and I thank all the enumerators for their hard work.