Wakatobi, Indonesia - Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries

Wakatobi, Indonesia

start date: 2007
Rare and local partners throughout Indonesia establish and promote compliance with sustainable fishing practices. Overfishing and illegal fishing threaten a wealth of biodiversity in Indonesia as well as the livelihoods of millions dependent on fish for food and income.

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M. Saleh Hanan
I am changing the way people fish in Wakatobi."
M. Saleh Hanan, Rare Fellow
I am mentoring M. Saleh Hanan to run a Pride campaign, Rare's signature program that inspires change so people and nature thrive."
Hari Kushardanto, program manager
Hari Kushardanto

campaign activity

Rare trains Fellows to inspire communities to adopt change through a Pride campaign. Fellows canvas their communities to determine what barriers to sustainable behaviors exist and create pathways to change. Fellows collect information throughout their campaign and adapt their plans based on constant data analysis. Learn more about Pride campaigns

site description

An overview of the campaign location, the community it intends to influence, the species and habitat it aims to protect.

survey plan

To better understand audiences, Rare Fellows develop a series of targeted survey questions.

campaign goals

Rare Fellows set realistic objectives and a clear path to remove barriers and inspire change so people and nature will thrive.

community image

Understanding a target audience is critical to success. Rare Fellows interview and survey community stakeholders.

marketing plan

A highly targeted mix of messages, materials and events build community support and inspire change.

mascot image

Every campaign gives nature an iconic face and personality with a mascot to help spread conservation messages.

campaign launch

After intense research and planning, Rare Fellows bring their campaign to the community.
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