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For over 25 years Rare has partnered with local organizations around the world to design and run Rare's signature Pride campaigns. Your gift supports the development and implementation of Pride campaigns, which use proven marketing tools like mascots, billboards and radio spots to inspire local communities' pride in their natural resources and motivate sustainable behaviors that benefit people and nature. 

susan aceron philippines

If we don’t preserve our environment, our children and generations to follow will have nothing to sustain themselves in the future."

Susan Aceron, President of The Caringo Women’s Group and Caringo’s deputy fish warden, Philippines
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On Caringo, a small island in Mercedes, Philippines, Susan Aceron leads the Caringo Women’s Group — a group of eight women driving sustainable coastal fishing, conservation and alternative livelihoods in their community. When the coastal fishery began to succumb to overfishing and illegal fishing practices, the group recognized the threat to their families’ key source of food and income. They decided to do something about it: Now, every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, the women take watch at the local guardhouse to enforce the marine protected area around Caringo Island. They don’t have the resources to stop illegal fishing outright, but they can catch violators in the act — Susan once caught a fisher entering the MPA, and without a boat at the time, her first impulse was to jump into the water and swim after him, to confront and report him. Alongside enforcement, the women’s group is exploring sustainable livelihoods outside of fishing, like collecting and selling seaweed, currently the highest-growth aquatic plant commodity in the world. This year, the group has teamed up with Rare Fellow Mike Totanes and Assistant Fellow Mildred Loyala as key allies in their campaign to inspire and incentivize sustainable fishing behavior in Caringo and the rest of the Mercedes municipality.


Give me a lever, and I will move the world. This is the lever: The community. Solidarity. Commitment to the process."

Mónica Rivera, Rare Fellow, La Unión, Colombia
monica rivera, rare fellow
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Rare Fellow Mónica Rivera is honest to herself about who she is: she admits she’s stubborn, loud, and insatiably hungry for knowledge. In Colombia’s Valle del Cauca, where unprecedented drought threatens watersheds sustaining 35 million people, Mónica’s powerful curiosity, will and voice turned out to be exactly what communities needed. Leading a watershed conservation campaign in the La Unión municipality, Mónica committed herself to engaging with and better understanding local people. She could often be spotted riding her motorbike up dirt roads on her way to speak with local farmers, with a life-size sloth campaign mascot hugging her back. Mónica focused on trust, friendship, and a little of her trademark tenacity to bring upstream landowners and downstream water users together to convert impactful farming behaviors like slash-and-burn agriculture and pave the way for sustainable alternatives. “I’ve become a more expressive human being, a better negotiator, and a strategist in identifying the potential ‘but’ in a conversation and transforming it into a ‘yes, of course,’” she says.

janete barbosa sena - brazil

This is how we want to continue living. We don’t want to leave our profession. We want to sell this shell fish for a better price, to provide better living conditions to ourselves and our family."

Janete Barbosa Sena, Marisqueira, Maragogipe, Brazil
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Janete makes her living in the mud. She’s a marisqueira — a female shellfish collector who gleans oysters from the mangrove banks of Maragogipe, Brazil. It’s tough work, and hard on the body: she wades through polluted water, collects cuts on her limbs from shells and garbage, and wakes up sore in her legs, back, head and knees the next morning from crouching in the mangroves and trudging through the mud and roots. But it’s a job she’s become proud of, toil and all. Since 2014, she and the other marisqueiras in Maragogipe have been working with Rare Fellow Daniel Andrade in a campaign to spearhead local adoption of sustainable oyster management and aquaculture, and promote conservation of the mangroves. Throughout the campaign, the marisqueiras led monthly meetings, trips to other areas to learn about oyster farming, and visits with researchers in the mangroves to show their conditions. Over time, they’ve rallied their community around sustainable use and changed the conditions of their own profession: they now have access to protective gleaning gear like neoprene boots and gloves, they’re connecting more directly with local markets, and when they speak before the community, they speak as leaders. “They feel more confident and proud of what they do,” says Daniel.


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Right now, Rare has more than 100 community-led projects underway helping fishers, farmers and other resource users around the world protect the natural resources on which their lives and livelihoods depend. By leaving a gift to Rare in your will or trust, your support would help deliver positive change to people and the planet for years to come. 

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Your legacy gift will be used to:
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  • Safeguard lives and livelihoods in coastal communities around the world
  • Protect watersheds that supply drinking water to millions
  • Help catalyze the global movement toward organic agriculture
  • Support the development of climate-smart solutions and protect communities from a changing climate

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