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championing efforts to inspire change for people and nature

We want Rare to achieve outsized impacts by finding what works for nature AND people and taking these promising approaches to scale.”

Brett Jenks, President and CEO
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Joined Rare staff: 1995

Schools: University of Massachusetts (magna cum laude)

Georgetown University, M.B.A. (Beta Gamma Sigma)

Career: Brett loves creating innovative programs to address pressing environmental and development challenges. He has built indigenous ecotourism enterprises in Latin America, helped take Rare’s Pride program around the world, and forged a host of innovative partnerships to advance conservation. 

Rare achievements: Under Brett’s leadership, Rare has grown 2000% and continues to foster a strong organizational culture.


Rare is hard work. But when the cause is in your heart, you wake up knowing you are doing something good.”

Taufiq Alimi, Vice President, Indonesia
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Joined Rare staff: 2011

Schools: Gadja Mada University, Nuclear Engineering

University of the Philippines, Los Baños

Career: Clinton Climate Initiative, National Coordinator (Indonesia)

National Forestry Council, Indonesia, Executive Chair

Rare observation: "I am an orangutan, which literally means people of the forest. I used to work in forestry. Going underwater was a total contrast. I was struck by the quiet. I wish we, as humans, would do more as we do underwater: observe and be quiet. Be more humble."


Rare’s courage to take risks makes me proud to work here. We are not afraid to take on ambitious efforts addressing big, intractable environmental challenges. That’s what conservation demands.”

Anna Bartlett, Chief of Staff
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Joined Rare staff: 2006

School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A. with distinction

Career: As a recently-minted college grad, Anna started as Executive Assistant at Rare when it had 35 staff members. Before joining Rare, she lived and interned in Malawi, Chile, and Portland, Oregon.

Rare observation: "The communities and Rare Fellows who do the painstaking, on-the-ground work that make community-led conservation possible are my inspiration."


The beauty of Rare's work is it addresses the conservation agenda through a social and economic lens. It is exciting to see communities and nature thriving as a result of the change our team inspires in the field."

Monique Barreto Galvao, Vice President, Brazil
Monique Barreto Galvao
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Joined Rare: 2018

Schools: Escola Superior de Conservação Ambiental - ESCAS, MBA in Social and Economic Business

San Diego State University, Business for Global Practices

Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Post Graduation, Software Engineering

Universidade Paulista, Graduation, Information System

Career: Business Strategy Senior Manager - Brazil Lead for Development Partnerships, Accenture

Senior Manager - Technology Strategy, Accenture

Consultant - Technology Strategy and Transformation, Accenture

Project Leader, Danone

Requirement Leader, Telefônica Brasil

Sales Coordinator, Telebahia Celular | Telefônica-Vivo

Credit Analyst, Credicard | Orbitall

Rare observation: Rare’s spirit is a mix of startup enterprise and development organization. We are UNIQUE!

en leadership steve box

Rare provides the opportunity to translate conservation theory into on the ground reality - identifying solutions and empowering local communities to enact lasting change."

Stephen Box, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Fish Forever
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Joined Rare staff: 2016

Schools: University of Wales, Swansea. BSc (Hons) Marine Biology

University of Exeter, Ph.D. Biology

Career:  Smithsonian Institution, Marine Conservation Program Coordinator  

Centre for Marine Studies, Honduras C.A., Founder and Executive Director

Rare fact: I qualified as a diver on my 18th birthday following a series of frigid dives off the English coast. I decided there and then not to dive in the cold waters of the UK again and have focused on working in tropical seas ever since.


I can recall sitting in an airport 15 years ago with Brett Jenks. Rare had a budget of less than $1 million and staff could be counted on two hands. Sometimes it pays to dream big!”

Paul John Butler, Senior Vice President
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Joined Rare staff:  1988

School: North East London Polytechnic, B.S.

Career: Government of Saint Lucia’s Forestry Department, Advisor

Rare achievement: "Not long ago we were running three Pride campaigns a year, today we run dozens and have offices on multiple continents and a strong track record of change so people and nature thrive."

Paula Caballero Headshot

Rare bridges conservation and development, injecting innovation from the ground up to deliver transformative solutions that work for people and planet.”

Paula Caballero, Managing Director, Climate & Water
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Joined Rare staff: 2018

Schools: Brown University, B.A. Literature and Society, Magna Cum Laude et cum Honoribus
Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, International Relations

Career: Regional Technical Advisor, UNDP
Director of Economic, Environmental and Social Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombia
Senior Director, Global Practice for Environment and Natural Resources, World Bank
Global Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

Rare fact: The idea of the SDGs sprung from the need to get people to understand that actions, investments and policies are interconnected, that when the linkages are seized, sustainable development is not a zero-sum game. The challenge now is to overcome short-term thinking and understand that 2050-is-now: our actions and inaction today determine what the world will look like in the coming decades, centuries, millennia.


Having spent many years in the conservation world, I find that Rare fills a unique and important niche focused on people and human behavior to make lasting change happen benefitting both communities and the natural world.”

Niels Crone, Chief Operating Officer
Niels Crone
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Joined Rare: 2018

Schools: Copenhagen Business School; B.Sc. Business

Copenhagen Business School; M.Sc. Economics

University of California, Los Angeles; MBA

Career: Management Consultant, McKinsey & Co

Chief Operations Officer, The Nature Conservancy

Chief Operating Officer, Conservation International

SVP Business Development, CustomerFirst Renewables

Rare fact: I developed my passion for nature though early journeys to the Greenland icecap and Northern Scandinavian glaciers – may they continue to exist

Angelica Dengo

It’s rewarding seeing the coastal communities engaged and national authority’s willingness to adopt innovative solutions to protect the marine ecosystems! Rare inspiring changes…"

Angelica Dengo, Vice President, Mozambique
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Joined Rare: 2018

Schools: Eduardo Mondlane University, BSc Honor in Biology, Management of Aquatic Resources

Higher Institute of Sciences & Technology of Mozambique, MBA 

NORAD and Australia Awards Fellow, fisheries and ocean governance
Career: Ministry of Fisheries - Junior Research Officer, Senior Fisheries Manager, International Cooperation's Head of Division, and Adviser to the Minister

Rare observation: Rare is a highly dynamic organization with an inspiring pathway and innovative solutions that keeps the staff running for tangible results that can make difference for people and nature.


The community we have at Rare, the values we live and the commitment to the work we do is amazing.”

Dale Galvin, Managing Director, Sustainable Markets and Finance
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Joined Rare staff: 2004

Schools: Cornell University, B.A. in Economics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) Sloan School of Management, MBA

Career: Jitia Software (a PA Consulting Group company), CEO

Bullet Point News, Inc., CEO and Founder

PA Consulting Group (North America), Chief Financial Officer

Rare fact: "I think I wore a suit on my first day of work."

Meloy Jr Head shot

I’m a key player in Rare’s signature social marketing campaigns. I partner with local communities to find conservation solutions that benefit both people and nature. Some call me a panther grouper, but I see myself as a behavior change agent.”

Meloy Jr, Chief FINspiration Officer
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Joined Rare Staff: 2012 after years at sea

Schools: Meloy swam in many schools, but lacks a formal education.

Career:  Meloy, Jr, is a second generation mascot, proudly following in the flippers of his celebrity father, Meloy Sr, who has spent his career working to increase food security and improve sustainable fishing practices in coastal communities in Inabanga, the Philippines. Meloy Jr. now swims the world inspiring community pride and spreading the message of Rare’s conservation work with an insatiable love of people and shellfish.

Rare fact“What I lack in opposable thumbs, I make up for in spirit.”


I want to help Rare build the strongest community voice for lasting government support for the best solutions we can find.”

Gerald Miles, Vice President, Global Development
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Joined Rare staff: 2013

Schools: Griffith University, Australia, Bachelor’s in Environmental Science

Murdoch University, Australia, Graduate Diploma in Community Science

Australian National University, Master’s in Resource and Environmental Studies

Career: The Nature Conservancy, Regional Director External Affairs and Policy

Pacific Regional Environment Programme, Head of Division/Environmental Management and Planning

Rare fact: "I once found myself standing with, then presidents, François Mitterand and Fidel Castro after a photo shoot at the Earth Summit in Brazil."

Caryn Perrelli

I am so proud to be part of such a diverse, mission driven organization filled with committed, creative and collaborative colleagues."

Caryn Perrelli, Vice President, Talent
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Joined Rare staff: 2017

School: University of Virginia, B.A., Psychology

Career: IBM, Global Business Services, North America Talent Acquisition and Learning Executive

IBM, Global Business Services, Strategy and Operations Executive, Public Sector

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Management Consulting Services, Human Resource Director Rare


Rare’s success working with communities enables solutions that have real conservation results and impact in reducing inequalities.

Valeria Ramundo Orlando, Vice President, Blended Finance
Valeria Ramundo Orlando
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Joined Rare staff: 2018

Schools: Bryn Mawr College, AB Social Economic History and Political Science

University of Southern California, Masters in Public Policy and Finance

Career: ESG and Green Investor, Investment policy advisor, Treasurer, Renewable energy advocate, Private Equity convert, State and Muni Bond underwriter, free diver

Rare Observation: "Having visited the communities that Rare serves and learning of their hunger for greater knowledge in financial management inspires me every day to work to give them access, legitimacy and recognition bridging the gap of inequality."

Rocky Tirona

When I hear mayors, Rare Fellows and community members talk about how working with Rare has changed them, I know we are making a difference."

Rocky Sanchez Tirona, Vice President, Philippines
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Joined Rare staff: 2013

School: University of the Philippines, Diliman, B.A. Psychology

Career: Campaigns Social Response, Managing Director

Campaigns and Grey, Creative Director

Rare fact: "I am in the one percent of Filipinos who can’t sing. Working at Rare in the Philippines has forced me to face that fear."


The Rare story is about people and their inspiring work to preserve our world. They are the heroes of our story."

Brian Ullmann, Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Brian Ullmann
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Joined Rare staff: 2018

School: University of Maryland, Journalism (Fear the Turtle!)

Career: University of Maryland, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Maryland Athletics, Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs

Special Olympics DC, Director of Marketing and Development

Washington, DC Convention and Tourism Corporation, Director of Marketing

Capital Center/Patriot Center/Baltimore Arena, Marketing Manager

Rare Observation: “Rare is leading a movement of Solutionologists – individuals, communities and nations that understand that the fate of our planet rests in the strength of our numbers. Change our behavior, save the world. What could be more inspiring than that?”


The energy at Rare is electric! Everyone is relentlessly seeking and testing better ways to help our colleagues and partners implement lasting solutions to meet human needs while keeping nature vibrant."

Karen Ziffer, Chief Development Officer
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Joined Rare staff: 2015

Schools: Stanford University Graduate School of Business, M.B.A.

Brown University, B.A. Economics and International Relations, magna cum laude

Career: Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Director of the US Office;

Conservation International, positions included Senior VP of Organizational Strategy, Senior VP of Resources

Rare fact: I spent my first six years in conservation supporting community-based enterprises, from canopy walkways in Ghana to village owned lodges in Bolivia and tagua (“vegetable ivory”) collection and marketing in Ecuador.