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Change Your Ways, Save the Environment

Deutsche Welle
January 23, 2018
Louise Osborne

In the past, conservation and environmental organizations have focused on rational arguments to try and convince people to make positive changes. But since success with this strategy has been limited, some groups are now trying a different approach. Among them is United States-based conservation organization Rare, which recently launched a Center for Behavior & the Environment aimed at developing and sharing insights from behavioral science as a means of tackling environmental problems. Read more >

Insights from Indonesia: Protecting Our Coral Reefs

Bloomberg Philanthropies
January 22, 2018
Antha Williams

Rare is honored to be a part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Vibrant Oceans Initiative to curb overfishing and keep our oceans thriving. In January 2018, Rare hosted our Bloomberg partners at one of our sites in Indonesia, where we’re working with local leaders and government institutions to inspire communities to take pride in, and protect, the coral reefs that sustain them. In a recap of the trip, Antha Williams, Head of Environmental Programs at Bloomberg Philanthropies, shares her insights, which “demonstrated that strengthening community engagement, providing support to local government, and bringing better data to decision-making will improve people’s health and quality of life.” Read more >

Award-winning Nepalese farmers grow bananas to avert floods

Thomson Reuters
January 17, 2018
Gopal Sharma

Last November, Solution Search concluded its fourth contest, identifying bright spots in biodiversity-friendly agriculture around the world—from beekeeping in Ethiopia to hog farming in Vietnam. Following the contest, the Thomson Reuters Foundation—the philanthropic arm of “the world’s biggest news  and information provider”—published stories on three of our ten Solution Search finalists, including Nepal’s National Disaster Risk Reduction Center. The story is an example of the creative local projects tackling conservation challenges, which Rare seeks to spotlight in every corner of the world. Read more >

Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Stanford Social Innovation Review
December 15, 2017
Brett Jenks

In a column for Stanford Social Innovation Review, Rare CEO, Brett Jenks, reviews Chip & Dan Heath’s The Power of Moments. Through storytelling and science, Moments illustrates ways of making such an event extraordinary, offering a blueprint for those in the social sector looking to differentiate themselves. Read more >

How a Nobel Prize in Economics Could Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Stanford Social Innovation Review 
November 22, 2017
Brett Jenks

Earlier this fall, Richard Thaler—the godfather of behavioral economics—was awarded the Nobel Prize for his pioneering work in understanding human behavior and decision making. But the impact of Thaler’s discoveries aren’t limited to economics. In a piece for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Rare CEO Brett Jenks argues why they just might provide the playbook for solving the climate crisis. Read more >

Teach A Village To Fish (Sustainably)

September 16, 2017
Marshall Brown

When it comes to tackling environmental challenges that impact us globally, it can pay to act locally. Forbes columnist Marshall Brown highlights Rare’s locally-focused approach to conservation as part of his series on people and organizations pointing the way toward a livable future. Read more >

As fish stocks dwindle, fishers seek to protect Antique’s 'tuna highway'

August 26, 2017
Yasmin Arquiza

In 2014, Rare partnered with the Filipino fishing community of Libertad to curb the depletion of fish stocks and protect the livelihoods of small-scale fishers. With the looming threat of commercial fishing and neglected marine sanctuaries, fishers and local leaders alike set out to design a 'managed-access' approach and restore their critical coastal resource. Here, Filipino news outlet Rappler shares Rare’s chronicle of their initial journey, the progress they've made and what's in store for the future. Read more >

Q&A: How to change behavior before conservation challenges become crises

August 23, 2017
Catherine Cheney

Devex journalist Catherine Cheney went one-on-one with Rare CEO Brett Jenks to discuss how social marketing can turn members of communities into guardians of the environment, and how Rare's new Center for Behavior & the Environment is leading the charge for the future of behavior change for conservation. Read more >

How can we change behavior to protect the planet? This nonprofit has an idea

August 22, 2017
Catherine Cheney

Marking the official launch of Rare's Center for Behavior & the Environment, Devex journalist Catherine Cheney took a deep dive into how the Center will link behavior change experts with conservation practitioners around the globe and create a lasting legacy for behavior change in conservation. Read more >    

First Principle Insights with Jay Acunzo: Rethinking Human Nature to Transform Conservation

July 30, 2017
Jay Acunzo

When it comes to tackling tough environmental problems, we are often eager to turn to the most logical solution, believing that people will respond best to rational reasoning. But human nature is governed much more by emotions than we realize, which can prove to be a powerful tool in transforming conservation. In the season finale of his award-winning podcast Unthinkable, host Jay Ancuso tells the story of Rare Fellow-turned-staff member Cathy Demesa's journey to rebuild fisheries in the Philippines by harnessing the power of human emotion and community pride. Listen now >

Connecting the "Poorest of the Poor" Tropical Fishermen to Global Markets

July 10, 2017
Aaron Orlowski

In the tropical waters of Indonesia and the Philippines, small-scale fishers have struggled to sustain their livelihood without access to the global seafood market. In an effort to strengthen the link to opportunity, as well as build the sustainability of small-scale fisheries, Rare, the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, the seafood company Salty Girl Seafood and the Asian Seafood Improvement Collaborative (ASIC) have partnered to leverage global demand for sustainably-sourced seafood to incentivize better fishing practices in tropical fisheries – while improving the livelihoods of the fishers. Read more >

A Data Plan for Fish: OurFish App Opens a Window into Small-scale Fishing

Hakai Magazine
June 29, 2017
Michelle Z. Donahue

In rural fishing communities from Belize to Honduras, the traditional pencil and paper approach to logging fish catch has left a significant gap in reporting data for coastal fisheries. In response, Rare's Dr. Steven Box began developing OurFish, a mobile application that allows fish buyers to ditch their pencil in favor of their smartphone to digitally log their purchases and track the catch of fishers. Hakai Magazine featured the app's potential to demystify the role small-scale and artisanal fishers play in global fishing and, with time, help slow the intractable overfishing that is hurting coastal communities around the world. Read more >

Filippino Fishers Say: Not on Our Watch

Deutsche Welle
June 6, 2017
Florian Schmitt

Fishing communities in the Philippines have long battled with illegal fishermen traveling from near and far to capitalize on the abundance of catch. The boats snapped up everything, often leaving the locals with empty nets. Now, Rare is working with fishing communities to help them take back their waters. This video produced by German media outlet Deutsche Welle captures the ongoing efforts of local leaders, fishers and their families to preserve and protect their coastal resources. Watch now >

Conservation That Works for Locals

The Wall Street Journal
June 2, 2017
Emily Bobrow

26 years ago, Rare CEO Brett Jenks had a vision for how local communities could shift the way they use their natural resources to better protect wildlife, preserve waterways and improve livelihoods. In a piece for The Wall Street Journal's Work in Progress column, writer Emily Bobrow shares insight into Rare's humble origins, current efforts and what lies ahead for the future. Read more >

Small-scale Fisheries: Sustainable Coastal Development's Urgent (and Unknown) Frontier

June 1, 2017
Brett Jenks

The vitality of small-scale fisheries plays a critical role in the health of our oceans and livelihoods of the communities that depend on them. Yet despite the significant role they play in global food security and marine biodiversity, the impact of small-scale fisheries has gone largely unnoticed. In a piece for Impakter Magazine, Rare CEO Brett Jenks shares how small-scale fisheries reform is essential to helping nations achieve global Sustainable Development Goals and the critical steps communities and government must take to make it happen. Read more >

Rare & Bloomberg Join All Together Now’s Eleanor LeCain to Talk Fisheries and Vibrant Oceans

All Together Now
June 1, 2017
Eleanor LeCain

In this episode of Progressive Radio Network's All Together Now, Rare CEO Brett Jenks joins Bloomberg Philanthropies' Melissa Wright for a discussion on Rare's work with mayors and local government in reforming small-scale fisheries as part of Bloomberg's Vibrant Oceans Initiative. Listen now >


Group Lauds PDP 2017-2022 Push for Marine Sanctuaries

Business Mirror
March 30, 2017

In its latest 5-year development plan, the Philippine government focuses its policies on giving local fishers the rights to manage their coastal fishing grounds and marine sanctuaries. The plan highlights that the most effective strategy to implement that fisheries management approach is through motivating behavior change at the community and individual level, marking notable progress in establishing long-term solutions for sustainable management of the country's coastal fisheries. In his piece for the Business Mirror, Jonathan Maguya discusses the implications of this new plan with Vice President of Rare Philippines Rocky Sanchez Tirona and what it means for Rare's continued work to support more sustainable fisheries management in the Philippines on both a community and policy level. Read more >

Fishermen and Marine Conservation: Self-Managing the Sea

Tempo English
March 5, 2017 

Indonesian weekly magazine Tempo English offers a nuanced and in-depth look into Rare and partners’ work with fishers in the province of Sulawesi. The path to aligning the competing priorities of long-term conservation, their fishing habits and their own needs and interests is not always simple. However, the fishers' experiences with Rare’s education and campaign programs have significantly increased their conservation knowledge and shifted their fishing practices toward sustainability. In the feature, fishers describe their growing participation in marine conservation and the reason for that participation. Rare Director Arwandrija Rukma and Rare partner La Ode Agusrianto joins Tempo English to discuss the importance of behavior change in building local interest in marine conservation and sustaining long-term conservation impacts. Read more >

Rare’s Brett Jenks Named 2017 Recipient of Rose-Walters Prize

Dickinson College
March 6, 2017

Dickinson College, a leader and innovator in sustainability education, will present Rare president & CEO Brett Jenks with The Sam Rose ’58 and Julie Walters Prize. The $100,000 prize was created to focus attention on the need to reduce the impact of human lives on the planet, particularly given the rising population predictions for this century. In accepting this award, Jenks joins the ranks of environmental leaders like Mark Ruffalo, Lisa Jackson, Elizabeth Kolbert and Bill McKibben. The prize money will help Rare launch a major initiative on behavioral insights for conservation and advance our mission of inspiring change so people and nature thrive. Read more >

Solution Search: A Global Contest for Agricultural Answers

VoiceAmerica Network's Go Green Radio 
January 6, 2017
Jill Buck 

As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for food. Increased production and unsustainable agricultural practices continue to strain our soil and the ecosystems surrounding agricultural sites. This year Solution Search, a global crowd-sourcing contest, is focused on surfacing existing innovative agricultural solutions that support both ecosystem biodiversity and resilience. Rare CEO Brett Jenks joins Go Green Radio host Jill Buck to discuss the details of the 2017 contest and what's in store for the future of sustainable agriculture. Listen now >

Rare’s Meloy Fund invests in Filipino seafood firm Meliomar

December 20, 2016
Cliff White

Following the development of The Meloy Fund for Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in Southeast Asia earlier this year, Rare’s Sustainable Markets Group announced the fund's first investment of a US$1 million dollars in Philippines-based seafood company, Meliomar Inc. This investment marks the beginning of a five-year partnership to help strengthen supply chain connections for coastal fishers in Indonesia and the Philippines. In this article for SeafoodSource, editor Cliff White highlights the details of the Meloy Fund's initial investment and the fund's opportunities for long-term impact. Read more >

Does Climate Change Need Behavior Change?

November 7, 2016
Flora Lindsay-Herrera 

Kevin Green, Rare's Senior Manager of Behavioral and Social Science, discusses Rare's behavioral approaches to solving conservation issues and how these behavioral approaches can contribute to community resilience. Green’s presentation describes the Theory of Change behind Rare’s Pride campaigns, which apply insights from human behavioral sciences to think differently about how communities are engaged and motivated to embrace change. This presentation was a part of the USAID Adaptation Community series of meetings. Read more >

Growing our Wealth in the Ground: Soil Restoration Q&A with Professor Shangbai Shi

Green Initiatives
October 26, 2016
Winnie Leung

Rare is expanding organic agriculture in China by training farmers to grow organic crops and helping these farmers clean up the chemical residues in their farmland so that they can have healthy soil for organic farming. In this Q&A Senior Technical Director of Rare’s agriculture program Shangbai Shi highlights the importance of soil restoration in scaling China’s organic agriculture movement. See how the importance of soil restoration fits into the equation. Read more >

On Financing Fish

Bloomberg Philanthropies
September 16, 2016
Dale Galvin

Last week, in partnership with Conservation International and the GEF, Rare announced the development of the Meloy Fund, a $20 million dollar impact fund, investing in fishing-related enterprises that help support fishers livelihoods in Indonesia and the Philippines. In a guest blog post for Bloomberg Philanthropies, Rare's Director of Sustainable Markets discusses the origins of the Meloy Fund and what we hope it can help achieve. Read more >

Can Farmed Fish Feed the World Sustainably?

University of California
September 13, 2016
Alec Rosenberg

With the global demand for animal protein set to double over the next 40 years, the need for new solutions in food production is great. Fisheries scientist Steve Gaines examines the value of aquaculture as a solution for feeding the world's growing population, and how, working in tandem with programs like Fish Forever, fish farms could support a more sustainable future for the world's fisheries and those that depend on them. Read more >

Water Security Projects in Colombia Help Protect 10 Percent of the Earth’s Species

August 31, 2016
Leon Kaye

Colombia's cloud forests are home to nearly 10% of the Earth's biodiversity, and serve as a water source for over 35 million people. Yet, increasing water scarcity and habitat degradation threatens this critical ecosystem. In his piece for TriplePundit, Leon Kaye outlines Rare's efforts to establish and implement reciprocal agreements between upstream and downstream water users that help ensure reliable water resources for Valle de Cauca's communities while still allowing its natural wonders to thrive. Read more >

1 In 10 People May Face Malnutrition As Fish Catches Decline

NPR's The Salt
June 30, 2016
Claire Leschin-Hoar

In addition to the impact on climate and ocean biodiversity, the rapid decline of the world’s fisheries means an increasing threat of malnutrition for coastal communities who depend on fish for protein and key nutrients. Rare talks with Clare Leschin-Hoar for NPR’s The Salt about the connection between fish catch, food security and livelihoods for coastal communities – and why protecting this resource is so critical. Read more >

Healthy Oceans, Healthy People

The Hill 
June 24, 2016
Brett Jenks and Andy Sharpless 

A recent groundbreaking study in the journal Nature outlined the inextricable link between human health and the health of the oceans. In a piece for The Hill, Rare CEO Brett Jenks joins Andy Sharpless, CEO of Oceana and fellow Vibrant Oceans partner, in a call to action to better manage our fisheries resources, and in turn, protect the health of the ocean and the people that depend on it. Read more >

Rare ranked 22 in Top 500 NGOs for 2016

NGO Advisor 
June 24, 2016

NGO Advisor, a Geneva-based independent media organization committed to highlighting innovation, impact, and governance in the nonprofit sector, ranked Rare 22nd in its 2016 list of Top 500 NGOs. This is the fourth year in a row Rare made the list. Read more >

Manila Hotels Put Sustainable Seafood and Local Livelihoods on the Menu

May 9, 2016
Maura Dilley

Fish Forever seeks to overcome one of the biggest challenges in the seafood industry: how to support local livelihoods through the transition to more sustainable practices. For the first time, fishermen and women in Antique are earning a significant premium for “responsible seafood baskets” in return for adopting sustainable fishing practices.

The key to the higher prices for local fishers are agreements Rare has brokered with five-star hotels in Manila to serve sustainable fish to their high-end guests. Read more > 

Conservation Organization Rare Offers Environmental Protection Tips For Earth Day And Beyond

Great Day Washington
April 22, 2016

In observance of Earth Day, Rare offers up three easy ways you can be a catalyst for global change.  The strain on the Earth’s natural resources poses an increasing threat to the well-being of both people and nature. Though people are often the source of these pressures, they also hold the solutions – and it all starts with behavior. Read more > 

The Many Foundations Trying to Fix the World’s Fisheries

Inside Philanthropy
February 29, 2016
Tate Williams

Overfishing threatens ocean ecosystems, global commerce, and billions of people who rely on fish for food or income. Since the 1990s, sustainable fisheries have become a top philanthropic issue, especially among massive funders. Here is a look at the key players, including a look at Bloomberg's Vibrant Ocean's initiative with Rare, Oceana and Encourage Capital. Read more > 

On the ground (and in the water) looking at fisheries reform in the Philippines

Bloomberg Philanthropies
November, 2015
Susan Ruffo

Bloomberg Philanthropies visits the Philippines for a firsthand look at how the Vibrant Oceans Initiative, which includes partners Rare and Oceana, is working with local communities to ensure the sustainability and longevity of their fisheries. Read more > 

Washingtonian Magazine's Great Places to Work

Washingtonian Magazine
October 29, 2015

Rare has been selected as one of Washingtonian magazine’s 2015 “50 Great Places to Work” in the Washington, D.C., region. Read about the fifty companies, nonprofits, and federal agencies that offer generous pay and benefits, flexible schedules, interesting work, and happy colleagues. Read more > 


2015 McNulty Prize Laureate

John P. McNulty Prize
July 29, 2015

It is an honor to announce Fish Forever founder Brett Jenks as a 2015 laureate for the John P. McNulty Prize, celebrating innovative solutions for positive change.  Through the Fish Forever alliance, Rare and partners UC Santa Barbara and the Environmental Defense Fund seek to reverse the global decline of small-scale fisheries and tropical marine habitats by empowering local communities to protect and manage the resources they depend on, so that both people and nature can thrive.  Read more > 

Searching for Solutions to Disaster Preparedness

Huffington Post
May 4, 2015
Brett Jenks, Jane Lubchenco and Jim Cantore

Weather disasters and their devastating impact on American communities are all over the news. Not getting proportionate coverage are ways of reducing disaster risk. Solution Search is an online initiative seeking to crowdsource and reward the many ways Americans are working to reduce the risk of natural disasters on their communities.  Read more >

Rare’s impact and role within Bloomberg’s Vibrant Oceans Initiative

Bloomberg Philanthropies
March 10, 2015
Brett Jenks

Bloomberg Philanthropies interviews Brett Jenks to learn about Rare’s impact in the Philippines, as part of their innovative Vibrant Oceans Initiative to simultaneously reform both local and industrial fishing. Read more > 

Driving Change through Pride of Place

Stanford Social Innovation Review
January 29, 2015
Brett Jenks

Rare CEO Brett Jenks writes in the Stanford Social Innovation Review about one of the greatest conservation tools:  the human capacity for change.  Rare has led more than 300 behavior-focused campaigns in 56 countries across the globe, built on a pride-focused theory of change and data-driven analysis to track results. Read more > 

A Recipe for Seafood Survival

The Huffington Post
Carl Safina and Brett Jenks
January 26, 2015  

A new study in Science magazine forecasts human-induced mass extinction in the sea.  Rare CEO Brett Jenks and author/conservationist Carl Safina write a recipe in The Huffington Post to sustain coastal fisheries and the habitat on which they depend. Read more >

Students journey from around the world to graduate from unique UTEP program

El Paso Times
Lindsey Anderson
December 13, 2014

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) graduated 41 Rare Fellows each receiving a Master of Arts degree in communications. Rare’s partnership with UTEP teaches local leaders how to shift community behaviors and norms to be more sustainable. The El Paso Times covered the graduation.  Read more >

Where corporate initiatives flounder, sustainable enterprises thrive

The Guardian
Marc Gunther
December 11, 2014

In this Guardian article Marc Gunther shows how Fish Forever is a good example of how sustainable business practices can be developed in places that are beyond the reach of corporate initiatives. The program aligns human needs with environmental needs.  Read more >

To tackle overfishing, conservation groups look to the past

The Washington Post
Lenny Bernstein
February 23, 2014

The newly-announced initiative Fish Forever by Rare, Environmental Defense Fund, and University of California Santa Barbara. The article describes how Fish Forever will work to restore nearshore fisheries, raise income levels, and provide food for coastal areas in developing countries. Read more >

Bloomberg Sees the Upside of Oceans

National Geographic NewsWatch
Brett Jenks
January 2014

Michael Bloomberg, in his first big philanthropic act since stepping down as mayor of New York City, announced a five-year, $53 million investment called the Vibrant Oceans Initiative. Rare CEO Brett Jenks writes about it on National Geographic’s blog >

How to Catch Fish and Save Fisheries

Op-Ed by Rare in The New York Times
Brett Jenks and Carl Safina
October 19, 2012

Rare's President and CEO Brett Jenks and Carl Safina,  founding president of the Blue Ocean Institute, give a billion reasons why we should act now to restore global fisheries.  Read full story in The New York Times >

Yao Ming's Latest Venture: China's Big Man Turns To Conservation

Robert Olsen
May 14, 2012

Forbes announces a new partnership between Rare and the Yao Ming Foundation. The alliance will engage youth in conservation activities throughout China.  Read the full story here >

Harnessing Local Pride for Global Conservation

The New York Times
David Bornstein
February 9, 2012

The New York Times takes an in depth look at Rare's innovative approach to conservation.  Read full story in The New York Times >

The Top 100 Best NGOs 2012

The Global Journal
January 2012

The Global Journal's inaugural ranking of the Top 100 Best NGOs in the world today features Rare as #56.  Read Rare's page here >

A Global Search For Local Seafood Solutions

Co. Exist
Michael J. Cohen
November 2011

Fast Company's website spotlights Rare's first Solution Search – an online competition that finds local solutions to local problems. Read the full story here > 

Finding Your Funding Model

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Peter Kim, Gail Perreault & William Foster
Fall 2011

A case study performed by Stanford Social Innovation features an in-depth look at Rare's - and other nonprofit organization’s - funding models. Read the full story here >

Life after the City: Scott Amero

Financial News
Vivek Ahuja
September 2011

Financial News in London features Rare Trustee Scott Amero about his passion for conservation and work with Rare since he left his life on Wall Street. Read the full story here >  

A Rare Find

Asia Tatler magazine
Lili Tan, photo by Edmon Leong
July 2011

Hong Kong’s luxury lifestyle publication interviewed Rare’s Chair Emerita Wendy Paulson about her love of the outdoors, interests in conservation and involvement with Rare. Read the full story here >

Environmental Film Festival features Pride campaign in China

Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital 
Green Short Films
February 2011

D.C.'s Environmental Film Festival is highlighting a Pride campaign that inspires community members to stop hunting and eating the tiger's primary food source, wild game, whose dwindling populations offer the gravest threat to the species' survival. Watch this story featuring Jianmin Lang from Hunchun, China >

Interview with Rare Pride Alumni

National Geographic Weekend
Boyd Matson
February 2011

Cheryl Calaustro, who ran a Rare campaign in 2009 to protect the Guam rail, recently helped re-introduce 16 of these endemic species. Listen to her story featured on National Geographic Weekend here >

River of Raptors

Audubon magazine
By Susan McGrath/Photography by Ewan Burns
September/October 2010 issue

Rare partnered with the National Audubon Society to launch a campaign to protect migratory raptors in Veracruz, Mexico. Read the in-depth article in Audobon magazine here >

Saving the Seas to Ensure Food Security

Voice of America
Joe DeCapua
October 2010

Steve Watkins, vice president of Rare's English program, talks about the need to establish marine protected areas and an innovative project in Madagascar focused on changing destructive fishing practices. Listen to the interview and read the article here >

Q&A with Brett Jenks, Newsmakers series

Philanthropy News Digest
Mitch Nauffts
September 2010

Philanthropy News Digest talked with Brett Jenks, CEO of Rare, about the organization's work, the dynamics of behavior change, and the significance of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Read the interview here >

How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Richard White
June 2010

Dan Heath, Rare trustee and co-author of the bestselling business book Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, and Rare CEO Brett Jenks were recently interviewed by The Chronicle of Philanthropy as part of its Ideas and Advice series. Watch a video of their conversation here >

30 Second MBA: Brett Jenks of Rare Conservation

Fast Company magazine
March 2010

Brett answers the question: "How do you inspire others?" Watch the video here >

Less rider, more elephant in the health-care battle

The Washington Post
Kevin Huffman
February 2010

Former Rare Trustee Dan Heath and his brother Chip wrote the best-selling book Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, in which an entire chapter is dedicated to Rare's campaign in St. Lucia. This article links the book's topic, and Rare’s approach, with the health-care battle. Read the article here >

On the Copenhagen Agenda, Saving Forests May Still Work

TIME magazine
Bryan Walsh
November 2009

Brett Jenks, CEO of Rare, and Nigel Sizer, vice president Rare's Asia Pacific program, talk about how REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) potentially could save global forests. Read the article here >

The Cultural Touch

Stanford Social Innovation Review
Suzie Boss
Fall 2008

A case study performed by Stanford Social Innovation on Rare's methods in behavior change among local communities throughout the world. Read the full study here >

A Rare Bird

Orion magazine
 February 2007

Photographer Jason Houston travels to a Rare Pride campaign in Nicaragua. Read his article featured in Orion magazine here >

The Pride of Cerro Punta

The Nature Conservancy magazine
Tristram Korten, photos by Hal Brindley
Winter 2007

Luis Olmedo Sánchez Samudio changed the way farmers practice sustainable agriculture in Cerro Punta, Panama. Read the full article here >

The Rare art of promoting nature by stirring pride

Smithsonian magazine
Mike Lipske, photos by Skip Brown
May 1994

One of Rare's first Pride campaigns in Belize is featured in this seven page article by the Smithsonian magazine. Read the full article here >