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A Photojournalist’s Journey into Colombia

In a forthcoming photo series with Rare, photojournalist Jason Houston explores life in the small communities of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, whose people depend on dwindling water resources from surrounding forests. This spring, Jason traveled through the valley with Sandra Conde, Rare's communication manager for the Colombia program, to discover, through photography, what it means to grow up in Valle del Cauca, how its communities impact and use the fresh water supply, and why it’s so important to help them conserve it. Here, Sandra shares reflections from her journey with Jason. Read more >

Pride in the Valley

Seven Rare Fellows Drive Community-Powered Conservation in Colombia

In Valle del Cauca, a vast area where cloud forests and páramo vegetation are critically connected to the water supply for 35 million Colombians, Rare Fellows from the valley’s regional environmental authority began a two-year journey to empower communities to learn more about the forest-water link and change local watershed management for the better. Now, the Fellows reflect on their campaign results and next steps for advancing conservation in the valley. Read more >

Managed-Access Breakthrough in Belize Shows Fish Forever Formula Works

With landmark government action demonstrating the effectiveness of social marketing and the Fish Forever formula, Belize became the first country in the world to nationally adopt Managed Access, a rights-based approach to small-scale fishing. Belize’s Managed Access program enables the country’s coastal communities to recover their near-shore fisheries and ultimately fish more productively. 
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An Invitation into Africa

Fish Forever Launches in Mozambique, the Initiative's Fifth Country and Third Continent

This year, Fish Forever embarks on its exciting first effort in Africa, setting its sights on the many small fishing communities along the Mozambique coastline. With support from the Nordic Development Fund and the World Bank, Mozambique’s Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries will work with Fish Forever to help the country transform its near-shore fisheries. Read more >

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    Rare Fellow Wida Sulistyaningrum never imagined she could change the fate of coastal Indonesian fishing villages. She and her colleagues at Conservation International had been working for years to help communities embrace sustainable fishing behaviors. Rare partnered with CI and helped Wida approach the community in a new way.
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