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Fish Forever Program Results 2012-2017
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Rare's program review of 41 project sites in Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines encompasses:
The report synthesizes information from:
in-water surveys of coral reefs
surveys of individuals and households
records of fishing trips

highlights from the research

Biological results

60 managed access and reserve areas built or strengthened, encompassing:

  • 600,000 hectares of coastal waters
    (about twice the area of Yosemite National Park)
  • 27,000 hectares of fully protected reserves
    (about 80 New York City Central Parks)

Fish Forever is facilitating ecosystem recovery. After three years in the Philippines and Indonesia:

  • Targeted fish populations remained stable or increased at 97% of the sites..
  • Coral cover remained stable or increased inside reserves at 80% of the sites.

Social results

Management strengthened: 51 management bodies representing 259 communities strengthened and/or established to oversee managed access waters, reserves, and fishing activities.

Communities activated: Meeting attendance, engagement in monitoring and surveillance, reporting violations, fisher and boat registration, and participation in catch recording all show significant improvement. 

People inspired: Increased confidence in food and economic security.

building global awareness

Public funding for Fish Forever in 2018 is nearly six times what it was in 2012.

Rare has secured $27.5M in public funds for Fish Forever (2012-2018). Dark green (2018 total) denotes funding in final stages of approval.

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