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Rare Fellow Spotlight

Ramiro Palma and the Bitaco River ARA Pride Campaign

The first of Rare’s training phases was a nightmare for Ramiro Palma. "At first, I was very confused,” says Ramiro. “I was overwhelmed by the amount of information required, my head was a mess,” he confesses. Ramiro began working as a Rare Fellow managing the Bitaco River ARA Pride Campaign in Colombia in late 2013. Read more >

Steps Toward Sustainable Fishing

Two Fishing Communities in the Philippines Approve First TURF+Reserve Designs

Recently, municipal councils from the fishing communities of Tinambac and Cantilan approved the Philippines’ first-ever TURF+Reserve designs. Their decisions represent a major milestone for sustainable fishing in the two coastal communities, as both set out to change the way they manage their near-shore fisheries. Read more >

Punta Allen’s TURF Tale

Small Fishing Cooperative’s Success Provides Proof of Concept for Fish Forever

In Early August, Rare’s Fish Forever global team and representatives from all five country teams, Environmental Defense Fund, and UCSB’s Sustainable Fisheries Group convened in Quintana Roo, Mexico, to advance learning and dialogue on Fish Forever’s implementation. On their first day in Mexico, program staff visited the small, remote fishing village of Punta Allen to get a glimpse of sustainable fisheries management in action at the local level. Read more >

featured campaign

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    Rare Fellow Wida Sulistyaningrum never imagined she could change the fate of coastal Indonesian fishing villages. She and her colleagues at Conservation International had been working for years to help communities embrace sustainable fishing behaviors. Rare partnered with CI and helped Wida approach the community in a new way.
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