Rare Women Take to the International Stage

Rare Women Take International Stage

Around the world, millions of women play often unheralded but vital roles in the management of natural resources. Take small-scale fisheries: 47 percent of the global fisheries workforce is comprised of women.

An Invitation into Africa

Fisher in Mozambique

This year, Fish Forever embarks on its exciting first effort in Africa, setting its sights on the many small fishing communities along the Mozambique coastline.

Steps Toward Sustainable Fishing

Fishers in the Philippines

Recently, municipal councils from the fishing communities of Tinambac and Cantilan approved the Philippines’ first-ever TURF+Reserve designs.

Rare Fellow Spotlight:

Ramiro Palma

The first of Rare’s training phases was a nightmare for Ramiro Palma. "At first, I was very confused,” says Ramiro. “I was overwhelmed by the amount of information required, my head was a mess,” he confesses.

Punta Allen’s TURF Tale

A Punta Allen fisher with his spiny lobster catch in the waters of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

In a pocket of Ascension Bay’s teal expanse, a local fisher treads water at the surface with a small net in hand.

Global Fishackathon 2015


This month, Rare’s dedicated fisheries nerds discovered ways to improve fisheries monitoring in brand new terrain: the grueling, inspiring, and caffeine-fueled world of competitive hacking.

Solutions Found

Solution search finalists

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