Seismic Shifts in Sustainable Fishing in Indonesia


In a historic moment for small-scale fishers in Indonesia, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) recently enacted the Guideline for Utilization of Sustainable Fisheries Zones in Marine Protected Areas for Fishing by Local and Traditional Communities.

Inside Rare: How One Conservationist Inspired Our Approach

Paul Butler in with the Barre de L'Isle forest trail sign in St. Lucia

On Rare Senior Vice President Paul Butler’s 60th birthday and nearing the 40th anniversary of his campaign in St. Lucia, we revisit his roots in community-based conservation. Butler’s work to save the endangered St.

Fish: Contributing to Food Security for Mozambique

fishers seine netting boat

Last week we posed the question for coastal fisheries in Mozambique: “How can we maintain a healthy and biodiverse ocean which--instead of being continually overfished and further depleted each year-- is