International Biodiversity Day

woman picking coffee

This Monday, on 22 May 2017, marks the International Day of Biological Diversity. This could be an occasion for painting a bleak picture: The current rate of global diversity loss is estimated to be a 1000 times higher than the extinction that would occur naturally.

Q&A with Christopher Costello of UCSB

fisherman looking at the ocean small

Fishing communities of the developing world can still defend themselves from the negative effects of climate change, but they have to act fast.

He Dreams in Data

Steve Box underwater

Dr. Stephen Box found his respect for the ocean at the age of six. While living in Jakarta with his parents, the family took a trip to Indonesia’s “Thousand Islands,” a chain of islands north of the capital. As he snorkeled through a reef, youthful curiosity propelled him further out.

For a Cold Fish, Look to the Sun

fish at market

Fishing ports around the world have a movement to them, forming busy little cities built from stalls, supplies and salty air.

From the Sea to Your Plate

Sustainable Seafood Week #2, Philippines

What does it take to get a sustainably caught piece of fish from a coastal community all the way to your plate at a restaurant? More than you might realize.

Behind the Lens

Jason Houston making photographs in a Mercedes fishing port, Philippines

In September 2016, photojournalist Jason Houston spent nearly a month documenting life in Mercedes, Philippines, and its fishing communities throughout San Miguel Bay.

On Caringo Island, Ladies Rule the Guardhouse

Betty Garcia rowing off the shore of Caringo Island, Philippines

They call themselves SAMAKA, short for Samahan ng Kababihan sa Karingo, or the Women’s Group of Caringo. On Caringo, an island at the mouth of San Miguel Bay in Mercedes, Philippines, eight women are re-envisioning gender roles in coastal fishing and new market development.

The Key to Adoption of Fisheries Conservation Solutions

Rare Fellow Mike Totanes meets with fishers on the beach in Mambungalon, Philippines

While the sun is high on a September day, Rare Fellow Mike Totanes and Associate Fellow Mildred Loyola meet with 30 fishers on the beach in Mambungalon, a village in the Mercedes municipality of the Philippines.

The Art of the Trap

Rodel fishing off Caringo Island, Philippines

It’s September, and it’s crab season in Mercedes, Philippines. 43-year-old fisher Rodel Bolaños of Mercedes’ Caringo Island rises and leaves for the beach at 4:30 AM, pulling a red Nike baseball cap over his head.