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power in partnerships

Rare steps aside to let others lead change. Rare partners with local organizations and trains one of its employees, a Rare Fellow, to run a marketing campaign that inspires change to benefit the community as well as the environment. The skills imparted through Rare’s training — ranging from project design and management to workshop facilitation and market research — remain in the community and within the local organization. Change endures long after Rare’s direct involvement ends.

rare recruits

Rare partners with anywhere between six to 12 organizations or governments in a specific region to run a program on the same solution at the same time. Programs typically last two to three years. Rare provides the training, mentoring and technical support each partner needs to run Rare’s signature Pride campaigns in their communities. These programs build community support for the local organization’s missions and projects. Additionally, partners and Rare Fellows gain access to a global network of peers who are running, or have run, Pride campaigns.

a rare fit

Rare recruits partners based on their compatibility and commitment to the program.
Because Rare works on specific solutions addressing distinct environmental threats,
recruiting is done through targeted outreach within each region.

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    To partner with Rare, organizations should be prepared to:

    Commit an employee to work full-time for two to three years on the Pride campaign.

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    Send the employee, a Rare Fellow, through Rare’s training program.

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    Provide salary, transportation and office space for the designated Rare Fellow and additional financial and staff support for the campaign as needed.

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    Follow Rare’s set curriculum and schedule to ensure a successful campaign.

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how to apply

Rare currently runs programs in the Philippines, Indonesia, Micronesia, Latin America, China and Mozambique. Due to the highly targeted nature of Rare’s work, we do not accept general applications. However, if you are interested in partnering with Rare in the future, please click the "read more" menu to find out how to tell us a bit more about your work.

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  • For general partnership inquiries, please email Zachary Hoffman at zhoffman@rare.org

For questions about partnerships in Rare’s regional offices contact: