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Around the world bright spots of hope exist — sometimes in the least expected places carried out by the most unassuming people. Rare seeks out these proven, locally-led conservation solutions that benefit people and nature. Rare helps local communities tailor the solutions to meet their needs so the change endures long after Rare’s direct involvement ends.


Global demand for fish has pushed the oceans to its limits. The good news for the billions who depend on fish for food and livelihoods is that properly managed marine ecosystems can rebound relatively quickly. Rare has identified successful coastal solutions and is bringing them to communities around the world.
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Deforestation for farming, timber and cattle ranching threatens critical watershed habitat. Imagine the benefits to people and nature if upstream landowners collectively protected the water source for millions. An organization in Bolivia built on the Andean tradition of reciprocity and successfully demonstrated how this works for water conservation. Rare and its partners replicated the approach and now facilitate agreements where upstream landowners conserve land so downstream water users secure reliable water quality and quantity.
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sourcing solutions

Community-led solutions to some of the world’s greatest conservation challenges exist around the world. Solution Search, an innovative contest created by Rare, is designed to surface and spotlight proven solutions so they can be replicated for greater impact.
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When it comes to the environment, we often focus on problems. Instead we need to start asking the simple question, What’s working and how can we do more of it?”

Dan Heath, co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Switch, Made to Stick and Decisive