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a rare approach

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Rather than studying environmental problems, Rare focuses on bright spots in conservation — successful efforts worth emulating. Over the past few decades, Rare has demonstrated a methodology to take locally-led solutions, bright spots, and repeat them in communities around the world. This replicable model has enabled Rare to turn local change into global impact by leveraging two key ingredients:

pride campaigns

Rare partners with local organizations to run comprehensive marketing campaigns, called Pride campaigns, to inspire communities to take pride in their natural resources. Pride sparks and builds community support for the adoption of more sustainable behaviors, the bright spot. Rare turns conservationists into skilled social scientists by training them to research and analyze community motivators and message the need for change in a way that appeals to hearts and minds. Learn more about Pride campaigns >

rare fellows

Rare is not the hero of this story. Rare steps aside to let others lead change. The best influencers are peers. So, Rare partners with local organizations and trains one of their employees to run a Pride campaign. The leadership and managements skills they learn then remain in the community. These Rare Fellows not only inspire change in their communities, they themselves become more confident, trusted local leadersMeet the Rare Fellows >

Rare attends to conservation where it ultimately has the most
lasting effect, through education tuned to the culture and needs
of local people.”

E.O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize winning author and conservation biologist
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