en approach

a rare approach
to change the relationship between people and the planet
a rare approach

our blueprint for scaling community behavior change

The lives and livelihoods of the world’s most vulnerable people depend on the remaining forests, wetlands and coral reefs. Balancing the use of natural resources with their preservation is critical and requires us to change the way we interact with nature.

Rare is the leading behavior change organization in conservation. We specialize in proven locally-led solutions which we bring to regional and national scale around the world.

our unique methodology

Rare turns conservationists into social scientists by training them to research and analyze community motivators and message the need for change in a way that appeals to both hearts and minds. This is then used to inform comprehensive social marketing campaigns --which we call Pride-- that inspire communities, municipalities and even nations to take pride in their natural resources.

the change makers

We are not the hero of our impact story. We partner with local organizations and train members of their staff on our behavior change methodology and how to execute social marketing campaigns to support a conservation goal. They, then, lead the change with and for their communities, making sure the sustainable solution benefits both local people and their natural resources.

the power of partnerships

Rare’s people-centered, participatory approach to conservation empowers local leaders and elevates the role of fishers, farmers and other resource users in local decision-making and governance. This bottom-up approach is buoyed by partnerships with officials at all levels of government—from mayors to ministers—as well as public and private institutions, universities, NGOs and other organizations capable of removing barriers and paving the way for community-led solutions.