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From the Sea to Your Plate

Restaurants, Businesses and Non-Profits Come Together to Promote Sustainable Seafood

What does it take to get a sustainably caught piece of fish from a coastal community all the way to your plate at a high-end restaurant? More than you might realize. The work of bringing sustainable seafood to consumers requires collaboration and commitment from all actors in the supply chain: fishers, processors, restaurants and consumers. The Second Annual Sustainable Seafood Week in the Philippines, held from February 20-26 this year, highlighted and strengthened the links between these diverse actors to advance this important work throughout the year. Read more >

On Caringo Island, Ladies Rule the Guardhouse

Meet Eight Women Spearheading Conservation in the Philippines

On Caringo Island in the Philippines, eight women are re-envisioning gender roles in coastal fishing. The Caringo Women’s Group takes on a range of responsibilities, from assisting coastal fishers in their trade to keeping illigal fishers out of the local marine protected area. The common goal in all of their efforts: longevity. Read more >


The Art of the Trap

Why Rare Places Coastal Fishers at the Center of Sustainable Management

Coastal fishers are the people closest to and most affected by the problem of overfishing, and as such, they are critical to the solution. Throughout Rare’s process of designing and implementing sustainable fishing solutions, the fishing communities’ unique needs and concerns remain the top priority. Our approach is global in reach, yet community-powered. Read more >

The Key to Adopting Conservation Solutions

Both Biodiversity and Livelihoods Must Thrive

Today, conservationists work against the crippling power, speed and scale of unsustainable human development and its collateral damage — with climate change and its effects now a part of the issue — to protect both the environment and the human population from the impact of the latter’s own behaviors. Coastal fishers have little time to dwell on conservation’s big picture. Their focus remains on the daily grind, and the answer to a perpetual question: What do I need to do to keep my family afloat?  Read more >

The Search is On

Solution Search Contest Seeks Entrants with Biodiversity-Friendly Farming Practices

This year, Solution Search is on the hunt for the world’s most promising approaches in biodiversity-friendly farming practices. The contest Solution Search: Farming for Biodiversity is now open for entries to any organization with an innovative solution in farming sustainably and promoting behaviors that strengthen biodiversity.  Read more >

One Country’s Climate Change Strategy May Save Its Coasts

Mozambique Makes Sustainable Coastal Fishing Part of its Plan to Combat Worsening Climate Change Effects

With 2,700 km of exposed and highly vulnerable coastline along the Indian Ocean, Mozambique seems forever fixed at the edge of another major cyclone or tropical storm, each proving disastrous for the coast and its people. Read more >

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    Rare Fellow Wida Sulistyaningrum never imagined she could change the fate of coastal Indonesian fishing villages. She and her colleagues at Conservation International had been working for years to help communities embrace sustainable fishing behaviors. Rare partnered with CI and helped Wida approach the community in a new way.
    Read how >