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Out of Conflict

A Renewed Conservation Ethic

Since 2010, Rare has worked with communities in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia to help them manage their water and agricultural resources more sustainably. Like many regions in Colombia, ongoing political conflict has left rural communities more vulnerable to environmental and economic threats. Fortunately, this conflict came to an end in November of 2016, when the country’s congress passed a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Using our participative and community-powered approach over the next two years, Rare will work closely with communities in Valle del Cauca to help them to continue to thrive after conflict.
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More Than Words

Historic Policy Win Hints at Shifting Views in Indonesian Fisheries Management

In Indonesia’s Anambas Islands, the village of Batu Belah has broken new ground in sustainable fisheries management with a new agreement signed in February by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. This agreement, which legally grants local fishers the right to manage their coastal waters, signals a national policy shift away from an open-access model that had resulted in increased pressures from overfishing. Batu Belah will be the first to put the new regulation into practice toward managed access within a marine protected area, partnering with Rare to design and implement the community’s first formally managed-access zones.
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Q&A with Christopher Costello of UCSB

Sustainable Resource Management as Coastal Communities’ First Line of Defense against Climate Change

Fishing communities of the developing world can still defend themselves from the negative effects of climate change, but they must act fast. For these communities — which are arguably the most vulnerable to climate change — the most important step to take right now is to improve their fisheries management. In this Q&A with Dr. Christopher Costello, Co-Director of University of Santa Barbara's Sustainable Fisheries Group, Rare takes a deep dive into the urgency to improve coastal fishing practices in the face of a changing climate. Read more >

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    Rare Fellow Wida Sulistyaningrum never imagined she could change the fate of coastal Indonesian fishing villages. She and her colleagues at Conservation International had been working for years to help communities embrace sustainable fishing behaviors. Rare partnered with CI and helped Wida approach the community in a new way.
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