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Watch Rare Fellow d’Shan Maycock and learn about her work with fishers in the Bahamas.

meet d’Shan

The underwater world mesmerized d’Shan Maycock as a child. She knew fishers exploited marine resources in Abaco, Bahamas. She wanted to show them that they rely on the ocean and should take pride in their role as stewards. D’Shan and her organization, Friends of the Environment, partnered with Rare to inspire change. With Rare’s guidance, she launched a marketing campaign, “Size Matters,” to ensure fishers left undersized, juvenile lobsters unharmed. D’Shan now spreads the message to other islands across the Bahamas.

change agents

In over 25 years of training Fellows, Rare has extended its network and family to include hundreds of remarkable individuals, like d’Shan, who build upon what they learn with Rare to benefit their community and the habitat that surrounds it. Rare works with local partners to select outstanding employees to go through Rare’s program. In the process, Rare Fellows not only inspire change in their communities, they themselves become more confident, trusted local leaders.

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    “Eu diria que sou a pessoa que sou hoje graças aos meus mentores da Rare” – Coordenador de campanha da Rare Rafael Manzanero, Belize

    “I would say I am the person I am today because of my Rare mentors.” Rare Fellow Rafael Manzanero, Belize

    Photo: Jason Houston

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    “Graças à Rare, eu me comunico com meu público com inspiração e encorajo o comportamento desejado.” - Coordenador de campanha da Rare Gankhuyag “Gaana” Balbar, Mongólia

    “Because of Rare, I communicate with my audiences with inspiration and encourage the desired behavior.” - Rare Fellow Gankhuyag “Gaana” Balbar, Mongolia

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    “Eu me orgulho da conexão que fiz com a comunidade. Eu aprendi como mudar o comportamento de uma pessoa de um estágio para outro.  Eu não conseguiria ter feito isto sem a Rare.” Coordenador de campanha da Rare Renante “Tian” Cempron, Filipinas

    “I am proud of the connection I have made with the community. I learned how to move people from one stage of behavior to another. I could not have done that without Rare.” - Rare Fellow Renante “Tian” Cempron, Philippines

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    “Meu sonho sempre foi ser professora, mas agora, como Coordenadora de campanha da Rare, eu tenho ferramentas para ensinar aos outros sobre a importância da conservação na minha cidade natal.” Coordenadora de campanha da Rare Anselma Zumaeta Soplín, Peru

    “My dream was always to become a teacher, but now, as a Rare Fellow, I got the tools to teach others about the importance of conservation in my hometown.”  - Rare Fellow Anselma Zumaeta Soplín, Peru

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    “As atividades da Rare podem mudar o comportamento bem rápido e eficazmente.”  Coordenador de campanha da Rare Eddy Santoso, Indonésia

    “The Pride activities can change behavior very fast and effectively.” - Rare Fellow Eddy Santoso, Indonesia

    Photo: Jason Houston

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    “A Rare forneceu-me ferramentas e habilidades para me aproximar da comunidade de uma forma divertida.” Coordenadora de campanha da Rare Wida Sulistyaningrum, Indonésia

    “Rare gave me the tools and skills to approach the community in a fun way.” - Rare Fellow Wida Sulistyaningrum, Indonesia

    Photo: Djuna Ivereigh

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    “A magia do Orgulho abriu novos caminhos profissionais para mim. Ela transformou e mudou a minha vida.” Coordenadora de campanha da Rare Claudia Cespedes, Colômbia

    “The magic of Pride opened new professional paths for me. It transformed and changed my life.” - Rare Fellow Claudia Cespedes, Colombia

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    “A campanha de Orgulho não só estimula as pessoas a quererem agir, ela cria um caminho para a ação.” Coordenador de campanha da Rare César Laura, Peru

    “The Pride campaign not only makes people want to act, it creates a path for action.”
    Rare Fellow César Laura, Peru

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    “A Rare é um projeto de vida, não apenas trabalho. A Rare mudou minha vida.”  Coordenador de campanha da Rare Eli Cabrera, Paraguai

    “Rare is a life project, not just work. Rare changed my life.” - Rare Fellow Eli Cabrera, Paraguay


rare training

Rare trains Fellows, like d’Shan, in behavioral science and demonstrated marketing techniques to inspire community action through Rare’s signature Pride campaigns. With Rare’s custom-designed curriculum, Fellows also gain valuable skills in strategic planning, effective communication approaches including workshop facilitation, as well as conducting and applying extensive audience research. Fellows immerse themselves in community concerns and earn the trust of children, parents and politicians. Through close engagement with local stakeholders, communities not only believe in a conservation solution, they own it.

change that lasts

It’s no secret. Peers are the greatest influencers. Rare Fellows connect with their own community members in a way no outsider could ever emulate and they stay there to continue the work. It’s a Rare approach and it lasts.

Rare fellows trained
Rare fellows trained
Countries where Rare has worked
Countries where Rare has worked
84% of all donations directly fund programs in the field
84% of all donations directly fund programs in the field

When you see what Rare Fellows have done to transform their communities and embed conservation into the local culture, it is truly inspiring.”

Wendy Paulson, Rare Chair Emerita and donor since 1999