our work

our work


At Rare, we empower locally-led, sustainable resource management solutions rooted in behavior change.

Once proven, we take them to scale.



Though Rare was founded over 40 years ago, it retains an entrepreneurial spirit dedicated to social innovations that inspire our most valuable resource — people — to steward sustainable behaviors at the local level. Rare approaches challenges as opportunities, identifying what already works, sharing knowledge between peers, taking risks, developing a generation of social leaders in the environmental space. These are our newest initiatives.

coastal fisheries


Global demand for fish has pushed the oceans to their limits. We believe that the adoption of rights-based fishery management systems will help turnaround the oceanic crisis, resulting in transformative impact for both people and nature. Our innovative coastal fisheries resource management solution marries managed access of fisheries with marine reserves. We envision a future in which 100% of coastal fisheries are sustainably managed. And, we are committed to working toward this ambition until it becomes reality. Read more >

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clean fresh water


Water is essential to all life. To address critical water supply issues, we inspire both local and national support for increased reciprocity in watershed management, by bringing upstream and downstream communities together to collaboratively conserve their water supply and cloud forests. To accelerate adoption, we leverage our proven community mobilization expertise and form private sector partnerships that strengthen the economic and financial incentives for behavior change. And, it’s working. Read more >




China is home to more than 200 million small-scale farmers, whose conventional agriculture practices waste water and utilize harmful chemicals, threatening the country’s crucial ecosystems. We are training Chinese farmers to cultivate a variety of organic crops, and connecting them to new economic opportunities, simultaneously securing their livelihoods and safeguarding the environment.    Read more >



All of our conservation solutions are designed to deliver wide-ranging social and environmental impacts so that people and nature may thrive.


  • community resilience & cohesion
  • training & capacity building for local leaders
  • food & water security
  • improved livelihoods


  • species & habitat preservation
  • climate resilience