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community-led solutions

Deforestation from cattle ranching, illegal logging, and over-farming can perpetuate intense flooding and extreme droughts that threaten biodiversity and the water-regulating ecosystems upon which people depend. Developing rural areas sustainably by bringing together communities and regional government to advance climate-smart solutions can benefit both people and nature.

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inspiring watershed conservation in colombia

With the brokering of peace between the FARC and the Colombian government—bringing an end to decades of violence—there couldn’t be a more opportune time to inspire a conservation ethic. The end of the conflict will undoubtedly be seen by some as an opportunity to industrialize once unreachable areas, farm once-forbidden land and extract previously unattainable resources—all of which would put remarkable stress on vital ecosystems. 

Learn more about Rare’s work with local communities, regional environmental authorities and the national government to support community-based behavior change and a climate-smart approach to protecting Colombia’s watersheds.

innovative approach

one tool within our solution: reciprocal water agreements

Rare and its partners throughout Latin America work with local communities to sign and implement innovative agreements that enable upstream habitat protection and downstream communities’ access to reliable clean, fresh water sources.

sparked by pride

Through Rare’s signature Pride campaigns, Rare’s partners not only teach communities about the dependence between a healthy forest, páramo and water, they generate community pride in residents’ roles as guardians of one of life’s most valuable resources and help accelerate adoption of conservation solutions.


This video from the Raymillacta festival parade in Peru, featuring the Pride campaign song and the marvelous spatuletail mascot, demonstrates our Pride campaigns in action.

people, nature and climate benefit

Pride campaigns and reciprocal water agreements are helping local communities create a stronger culture of respect for the role forests and grasslands play in protecting the livelihoods and water supply of their communities. And, engaged communities are resilient communities. Rare’s watershed work is climate-smart and, it’s effective.

watershed management results
Pride parade in Colombia
34 pride campaigns to protect watersheds
Colombian farmer
502 landowners have signed contracts to conserve habitat
barbed wire protects land
11,390 hectares now protected voluntarily by local landowners